#51 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

The patches are going to come fast and furious on this thing. So many people will be working to crack the MS virtual machine and DRM.

#52 Posted by JadeGL (1010 posts) -

I have fast and reliable cable internet, but I pay a good sum every month for it and I know a lot of people who probably don't have that income to put to their internet. My husband and I would eat cheap spaghetti and rice every night to keep it too, since all of our activities revolve around internet usage (video streaming, online gaming, etc) and we have no pets or kids that we need to feed and clothe. So I can certainly say that I will have and keep my awesome internet, but I am by no means the *norm* in the US either.

#53 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

It's alright for browsing the Internet, but I'm not exactly sure of what my speed is, especially when something like a microwave is enough to knock it down several notches.

#54 Posted by ProfessorK (845 posts) -

I have time warner, and 75% of the time I'm good to go. Mind you I live in a major city and as much hate as they get usually any outages are fixed withing a day or 2. Major outages, especially during the summer can take up to a week, meaning I'd really be xboned(get it:P).

That 24hr check in still sucks no matter how you slice it.

#55 Posted by Rafaelfc (1762 posts) -

There can never be enough internet.

I live in a big ol' house, so wi-fi doesn't cover the entire house, there are many blind spots, one of them being the living room. So if I wanted to play single player games on my living room TV i'd be Xboned.

Also, it doesn't matter that internet is available 100% of the time, I want to engage with it on my terms not on mr. Microsoft's terms. The choice of going online should be mine, not some corporation's.

#56 Posted by w1n5t0n (177 posts) -

I live in a semi rural area in VA. The only option is Verizon 3g, or if your lucky 4g wireless. That is 80$ a month for a 10gb cap. Now if you to do a broadband survey, I would technically have high speed internet. There is a large part of the country with terrible internet and that's why I think Microsoft is in trouble.

#57 Edited by Blue_Cube (189 posts) -

60 Mbit/s download speed so I'm good as far as the xbox one requirements are concerned. Though I think people shouldn't be forced to get a broadband internet connection just because of a game console. Furthermore there are loads of places in the world where people don't even have the option of getting fast broadband internet even if they wanted to.

Effectively alienating people because of their geographical location and telling them to get a 360 instead to me is the most arrogant thing Microsoft could have done. They've effectively given Sony and Nintendo free reign over that segment of the market and with its higher price point the Xbone doesn't seem like the obvious choice for people that don't want or need a cable box.

#58 Posted by WasabiCurry (430 posts) -

I have 6 mb down and 1 mb up. Be in mind, I live out in the middle of nowhere and they are just finally laying down fiber cords to boost up speeds.

My PC is always connected to the internet, however, if I have the option of choosing a more friendly based console. I will go for the PS4. Simple as that.

#59 Posted by DarkShaper (1362 posts) -

I have pretty reliable Internet but just because I can stay online doesn't mean that I want any part of what Microsoft is asking.

#60 Posted by Spitznock (716 posts) -

I do not own a smartphone, and my internet connection frequents speeds of ~100kb/s.
I have no interest in the Xbox One (and I was a 360 guy this past generation).

#61 Posted by Demoskinos (16183 posts) -

Its not about the used games or the DRM for me its simply about the light in which Microsoft views me as a consumer. The fact that its way to eager to bend over and appease the big wigs of the vidya game industry tells me all I need to know. Sometimes its not WHAT you say its your intentions and tone that are more important.

#62 Edited by AiurFlux (921 posts) -

I have a 150MB download speed. Doesn't matter at all. For the millionth time the problem isn't US it's THEM. They cannot guarantee that their service will not go down due to a hack like the PSN or due to increased traffic like what happens almost every year at Christmas. And if and when it does that system turns into a paperweight. Even Steam, which people tout as being this always online example, can be played offline for a hell of a lot longer than a single day or a single week.

I admit that always online is the future, but it's a future that we are not ready for yet. And throwing the brunt of the limitations, restrictions, and expectations on the consumer is absolutely moronic. If everywhere had Google Fiber, and I don't mean just in the US but the entire planet, then maybe. Until then it's a pipe dream and should remain as such.

Plus it's Microsoft. They have done absolutely zero to earn our trust and respect while simultaneously destroying it at every turn they can get. Yes there was resistance when Valve did it, but Valve is not Microsoft. Valve earned the trust of gamers.

Remember how people were saying that because of this games can be cheaper? First party titles are still 60 bucks. And lose the manufacturing argument too. If you're eliminating private resale that point goes completely out the window and plummets 100 flights.

#63 Posted by Zirilius (835 posts) -

Have a smartphone and home Internet with WiFi. Download speed is fine 15 mb/s but upload is capped by my ISP at 1 mb/s.

I have no problems with the always onDRM but I TA the other policies that I dislike about the Xbox One that's a no go for me. Specifically no renting or loaning as I love my Gamefly account.

#64 Edited by phrosnite (3509 posts) -

I have a sony erisson K510 or 550... I forget...

I may be ALWAYS online and have 30Mbps connection but that 24 hour check is absurd. Also the console won't be available in my country at launch so I don't care :) PS4 for me.

#65 Posted by PatODay (281 posts) -

My internet has gone down for maintenance three times in the last year, all of happened in the span of a week or two.

#66 Posted by YapaPanda (145 posts) -

I have a pretty dope connection, but during the summer months, storms have a tendency to knock out internet. I don't know about other people but when I don't have the internet, I tend to play games. That is a problem I have with steam too because even though they have an offline mode, it requires foresight to activate (you have to log-in, authenticate and then restart offline). If my internet gets knocked out, I want to play games I payed for at that moment. Granted I may be an edge case, because I am a single player gamer in the age of multiplayer/co-op.

#67 Posted by Blastroid (289 posts) -

Well the XB1 is an internet device now if we like it or not. So if you do not have internet then get a PS4. Not saying it was a great call as anything taking customers out of a purchase opportunity is bad for business. Guess now it would be the same for people to argue that they cannot watch YouTube since they do not have internet. Well you can't do anything internet related on an internet device without the internet. It is what it is. Also how much bandwidth is needed to check in?

#68 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

When I see MS talking about requiring internet (even the exchange of small info packets) I realize how completely out of touch they are living in Redmond. I've never been to that area and I assume that their internet is stellar and that one of the perks of working in tech is that you always have a good connection.

I live in NYC, not Manhattan but one of the boroughs. My internet is stable most of the time, I average about 1.5 mb/s down even though I pay for more. This is what they deem as the minimum connection for Xbox One which is ridiculous. This speed is totally adequate for both HD streaming and online play but the connection does drop during peak times. That's the reality of living in a densely populated urban city. I'm not an edge case user, but MS is willing to alienate me because its worth the risk to get more affluent users with better connections signed up to their system.

#69 Posted by Superkenon (1551 posts) -

I can get 500kbps on an awesome day.

#70 Posted by siamesegiant (22 posts) -

@Akyho It's a familiar story. Finding work in Australia was tough too but luckily there's a big demand for English teachers in Japan. Right enough though, given the state of the world's economic markets anyone could lose their job and not be able to afford their Internet any more, or new games for that matter, so it seems very short sighted of Microsoft to have introduce these restrictions right now of all times.

#71 Edited by MrJorOwe (283 posts) -

My internet is fine, but I'm moving houses at the moment, and don't know how steady it will be when I move a little further out. Its the concept it, not the problems it will cause that bother me and most people.

#72 Edited by AiurFlux (921 posts) -

Granted I may be an edge case, because I am a single player gamer in the age of multiplayer/co-op.

Me too!

We should make a club of like minded people and meet online. Except we wouldn't because we'd always be playing with ourselves. Err... in a non sexual way of course, for the most part. Well, maybe 50-50.

#73 Edited by Stete (784 posts) -

I have what you would call sufficient internet, but that was not enough for me to enjoy Diablo III on the first week of its launch, nor its enough to let me play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer on the PS3. A sufficient internet connection is not the problem, having to validate your purchases through an unreliable server before you can enjoy them is the problem.

#74 Edited by w1n5t0n (177 posts) -

@yapapanda: Try leaving steam in on-line mode, even when you dont have a connection. Your games should still play and ,to me, it seems to work a lot better than off-line mode.

#75 Posted by sometimesavowel (157 posts) -

@rabbykayn: I'm totally objective...my opinion changes as I aquire new information. That anonymous "engineer" did a lot to make me see the situation differently. But if gamers are making it clear what they want, then the jig is up.

#76 Edited by BaneFireLord (3082 posts) -

My internet is fine. It's not the "always online" aspect that turned me off of the Xbox One; it's the Kinect requirement, the pricing and the inevitable "always offline/$500 dollar brick" mode fifteen years down the road that did it.

#77 Posted by 23r23d23er23r234f2f2 (26 posts) -

I've got 1.58 MB/s download speed. That's pretty bad for what we pay but unfortunately we're about 4.2 km (cable length) from the exchange :(

#78 Edited by bombastius (62 posts) -

My net is stable enough I suppose but I do have outtakes which are really frustrating with isp companies blaming whatever they can to stall actually fixing anything, however for me its more of a line in the sand sort of thing. If its not requiered for the games I simply dont want it to use the internet, period. Steam is the same, sure , but they have a very generous offline mode(for most games at least) and they have a very nice floating pricepoint sort of thing . So far I cant see the benefit for me with having my consloes checking in every day to authenticate and as long as I dont do that I am not willing to vote with my bucks on such a system. Not saying I am going to buy the ps4 either , honestly I am quite happy with current gen and my PC, will probably wait and see who has the most tech trouble up front, sadly you cant trust neither software nor hardware on day one these days.

#79 Posted by KrypticKiller (194 posts) -

I have stable internet and my consoles are always connected to it. That does not mean I should be forced to ping a freaking server every 24 hours. I have said it before and I will say it again. You have to be a complete moron if you think that it's going to stop with a 24 hour check in.

#80 Edited by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1833 posts) -

I meet the exact requirement that said I overpay because I live in a place where its sadly the best and only option for broadband, also I'd buy 2 PS4's and give one to a friend before ever buying a single Xbox One.

#81 Edited by ConfusedOwl (1012 posts) -

My internet is garbage. We have an 80 gig cap and lately I haven't even been able to play youtube videos without them fucking up or not loading at all. I can barely watch streams without them stuttering even on 480p and below (This isn't a joke). I couldn't even watch the Sony conference properly because it kept freezing. On top of all that our internet also goes out often enough that it could be really annoying to have to do some bullshit check in.

#82 Edited by kagato (1029 posts) -

Well i used to get around 30mb and since i moved to my current house i have 5mb which is shared between 3 rooms with multiple devices hooked up to it. Im moving again in October so god only knows what ill have when i get there, i can choose between my current ADSL provider who offers real unlimited but with the catch being its almost certainly going to be around what i have now or l can go with the fibre optic virgin guys who have appaling customer service, a very shakey idea on what "unlimited" and "fair use" means and who have constant issues with their infrastructure meaning it can be down for days on end.

Also, we just got 4G here and the providers carrying it have the worst coverage for the area i live in so i will be sticking to my guns and picking up a PS4 after being all about Microsoft this generation. You cant just assume that because you have a good signal that everyone else does and unfortunately thats just what MS are doing, a lot of assumptions which is pissing off the people who got them to where they are today.

Just since the post above assumes everyone is in the US im in the UK, a market MS has pretty much abandoned at this point.

#83 Edited by YapaPanda (145 posts) -

@w1n5t0n: When I don't have a connection steam doesn't work T_T. Maybe I'm doing it wrong (totally possible)?

#84 Edited by Mikemcn (7406 posts) -

Internet can be very unreliable. Sometimes you lose internet, maybe not for long, but it happens. When that happens, is not being able to use your Xbox going to be a minor inconvenience or a serious annoyance. Its hard to tell at this point but always online software has a bad history (Sim City was unplayable for a long-ass time for alot of people.)

#85 Edited by Zekhariah (700 posts) -

I theoretically have a 7MB/s down and 0.768MB/s up, but in practice I max out at 0.9MB/sec down. I'm sort of curious if the requirement is based on a not-dial-up thing or a true raw bandwidth requirement. But not enough if any sort of streaming / other internet usage is going on in my house, so it is probably a no-go most of the time.

City only has a pop of 250k though, and the local 100mi area or so is only 8million people or so

@brendan In the states internet varies by area depending on where development was at when the initial subsidized lines were put down. In my area very small town that the telecoms do not care about are able to get fiber to the home, because local infrastructure supports it (fiber is also laid in my area, but left dark because it is a larger market that already has traditional gen1 DSL and cable). It is difficult to draw a generalization across the US, especially when areas with theoretically good connectivity might be bottlenecked further along to the point where the practical performance is bad (like how cable shares the local area). On the West coast I actually have more trouble with power than internet, since that is super janky and old.

#86 Posted by Barrock (3752 posts) -

It's principal.

#87 Edited by AlexGlass (704 posts) -

@analogvinyl said:

@baillie: According to the pre-order web site you need at least 1.5 MB/s broadband internet connection.

XBox One pre-order product info http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/pre-order-xbox-one/disclaimer

Right. Because they're obviously not using it just to check a license. Digital downloads and cloud gaming require a decent bandwidth. If it was just for DRM/licensing checks, 56k would suffice. That's why they say you can do this part even from a cell phone.

You need the 24-hour check in order to have digital game sharing and still be able to install your discs and have physical disc game trading. Can't really get around it. Yeah they can drop it but if they do, they also have to drop the family share plan and the ability to trade in physical discs or disc installation.

If i can install a game on my hard drive, and then I turn around and hand you the disc, and you install it as well, or even go trade it in, how else would they know we both just used the same disc to install the game if they don't make you check-in?

#88 Posted by mrfluke (5654 posts) -

@aiurflux said:

I have a 150MB download speed.

hollly shitttt

#89 Edited by ThePickle (4266 posts) -

My internet has decent speed but is prone to outages.

#91 Posted by Sinusoidal (2180 posts) -

Living in South Korea, my $30 a month, 100Mb Internet blows away most of the rest of the world. Unfortunately Microsoft has chosen to make their new console not work here. Fuck you Microsoft, fuck you.

#92 Edited by sub_o (949 posts) -

I have decent speed internet, but it goes on and off quite frequently.

#93 Edited by danm_999 (85 posts) -

Living in South Korea, my $30 a month, 100Mb Internet blows away most of the rest of the world. Unfortunately Microsoft has chosen to make their new console not work here. Fuck you Microsoft, fuck you.

Pretty hilarious that of the top ten countries (or special administrative region in Hong Kong's case) with the best internet connections on the planet, the device being touted as 'future proof' and a symbol of digital synergy and connectivity will simply not work at launch in the bolded;

  1. South Korea
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Japan
  4. Romania
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Sweden
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Belgium
  9. Denmark
  10. Switzerland
#94 Posted by Hunter5024 (6290 posts) -

Like 3 weeks ago my dad had to wait until payday to take care of our overdue internet bill, and our house was offline for about 2 days. I mostly spent my time beating Tomb Raider. If I couldn't access my games I'd have been pissed, doubly so if I'd just bought a new one. Granted this is probably the only time in the last year or so that my internet's been down for so long, but idk, its still sucks for them to disable our options, especially when it doesn't seem like we're getting much (if anything) in return. So yeah, 9 times out of 10 my internet is good enough, but fuck that tenth time.

#95 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2518 posts) -

I live in Australia.

What is the internet?

#96 Edited by datarez (698 posts) -

I live in the middle of the US and I have 30 down/3 up and it goes down about once every 3 months for a few hours. But the other issue for me is that I take a couple week long vacations each year where I usually take my console to the middle of nowhere, no internet-ville. That was the dealbreaker for me.

#97 Posted by Shaunage (792 posts) -

My internet has been off and on all day. It's really frustrating.

#98 Posted by Humanity (11373 posts) -

I can download a full Steam game that is 7gb big in an hour or less so I tend to think it's enough for now.

#99 Posted by medacris (711 posts) -

My internet has two speeds at home: pretty much perfect, or abysmal. At college, it's pretty close to abysmal, if it works at all. I'd argue that college students need internet quite a bit even if they're not gamers, so if it's difficult to even do a research project, gaming is going to be a no-go. I don't like the always-on requirement, because if the wifi's down due to weather, or due to the cable provider being buggery, I should still be able to play video games. I'm also angry because of the aforementioned "will not be available in certain countries" requirement, because I have friends who live in those countries, or in other countries that regularly get the short end of the stick when it comes to gaming.

The Kinect thing is a pain, too. If I bought an XBOX One, I would probably never use the Kinect anyways, so I shouldn't be required to buy one.

#100 Edited by PenguinDust (12767 posts) -

My 360 isn't connected to the internet and hasn't been in years. I don't need it just to play a single-player game for a few hours. Actually, with the exception of a handful of MMO's, I can't recall the last time I played anything online. It irks me that I am forced to participate online even when I don't want to in order to play a basic game.