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  • Unbound Saga
  • Dungeon fighters live
  • Capsized
  • Mars war lords
  • Flashback (Remake 2013)
  • Dragons Lair
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Bloodforge
  • Diabolical Pitch
  • Injustice: That Fighting Game (?) not sure if still up, but got it.


  1. create outlook account
  2. Create Xbox Account
  3. SEt Region to Moricco
  4. put in fake billing address
  5. download profile to console
  6. go to recent, press y to search, search for games above
  7. download / cancel upon downloading
  8. switch region back to US or What ever country you are in
  9. Sign back in, Download
  11. Download to main console. Never use the fake profile again, but save pass if you get a new 360 to switch licenses

Full Forum Of People Rushing to BEAT THE MAN!!!!

xbox swag fest for sure

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That's alot of work..

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Have you tried it?

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Too bad none of those games are worth the amount of effort it would take to do this.

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So i have to switch accounts when I wanna play shitty games?

Thanks but no thanks

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Have you tried it?

Yes, Did not take that long.

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@falserelic said:

Have you tried it?

Yes, Did not take that long.

If I still had my 360 I would have tried it, but I only got my ps3. It would be cool if the ps3 had something similar.

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I don't know if that's "sticking it to the man" as much as it is screwing over troubled developers.

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That's alot of work..

...especially for games that I don't really care about. I mean, turning on my Xbox to get them might have taken too much effort. But I've gotta make a whole new account? And get a fake address in Morocco? Meh.

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  • Flashback (Remake 2013)

Hurry up, folks! Better get on this hot Flashback deal before Microsoft beats you to it!

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^^ Oh yeah cos that game is great. I've given up on it as Death Tower couldn't contain my fury.

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Yeah, I'll pass. Already have Injustice, and I have no interest in the others.

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Yeah, i already own injustice and have no interest in anything else on that list.

Plus thats shady stuff bro!