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I really never found an incentive to pre-order in the past. Now I can kind of understand someone wanting an exclusive bonus. What's your experience?

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I never preordered anything. The only time I do nowadays is when Amazon offers giftcards for doing so.

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I only pre-order if there's a bonus.

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I always pre-order things.

I like getting things on day of release, so I don't see why somebody would choose not to pre-order. I could go out to a shop on day of release and just pick it up sure, but it's almost always going to be cheaper online.

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I preordered if there was a chance a game would sell out, as Atlus games in the past often did.

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The only time I pre-ordered was before bonuses became a thing. I did it because I was worried that they would be sold out of the game and I would have to wait for another shipment. Now I know that that is crazy talk.

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Technically never have, I only preordered when I got physical bonuses... Man, those were the days. First game I preordered was Doom 3 and I still have the pewter Baron of Hell figurine I got from it. Totally worth it. After that I preordered Quake 4 and got an awesome t-shirt that I still wear to this day. Will never regret preorders back in the day.

Also not really related but I didn't preorder Max Payne, but rather got it for PC after it had been out a while and got a sweet mouse pad. Yeah, I really miss those days. Have to go to conferences to get any free swag now :(

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This may show my age, but I preordered Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time to get that sweet, sweet golden cartridge. I still pre-order PC games because of that Steam pre-load before release date witchery.

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I did. I wanted a game, so I'd pre-order it for the greater guarantee that I'd get it.

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If I want the game I will preorder it regardless of bonuses

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I didn't really have the money to buy most games on launch day until three years ago or so, which is about when this all started. They've always seemed like a little bonus rather than an incentive, although Darksiders 2 got me with the free first DLC. Plus 5 bucks off, I'd be a fool not to buy. Still haven't played it. They got me on that one.

I think my favorite part of playing games on release is the sort of launch week social experience. Discovering things concurrently with everyone else. My interest in MMOs is exactly the same; it either has to be the first month or the last. To watch how the questions change in the forums as people get further and further. "What should I do before the Deep Roads" turns into "Who's your favorite party?" turns to "What side are you leaning?" turns to "God DAMMIT Anders!"

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i think i pre ordered vice city and tekken 4!

but no hardly did, I WANT THOSE BONUSES BRO

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i did back in the day. now i don't really as i haven't bought a game on release in a long time.

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I did, and I still pre-order even when games don't have something dumb with it. 
Most of the time I don't even use like Pre-order "exclusive" weapons in a game. Why would I want to take the challenge out of a game by using weapons that are good from the beginning of the game and then to the end of the game? 

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I reordered the second run of the second shipment of PS2 and the original DS. My first preorder bonus had to have been the Windwaker Zelda 64 bonus disc

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Yes, I pre-order games that I really, really want to get on day 1 - pre-order bonus or not.

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Did the preorders only early on when they didn't have enough on the shelves day one, now that that's not a problem I only do it if the bonuses seem worth it & not just something unlocked at the start of the game instead of getting it later on through normal play.

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I've only ever pre ordered two games, that I can remember anyway. And for two very different reasons.

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I have pre-ordered games since the early 2000s, maybe late 90s, for games I am seriously interested in.  
I don't do it for the bonuses, i just do it because I know I'm going to buy the game asap anyway. The bonuses are always of no interest to me.

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I don't think I started pre ordering since very late high school.

I never saw the point, though I did buy a lot of games on day 1 before that time.

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The only place I buy games is Amazon, so if there is something new coming out I'll just pre-order a few days before release. Then I don't have go out!

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For more obscure releases, I always pre-ordered knowing full well that there would be a limited run on those kind of games.

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If there's something extra and if you're going to get the game anyway...  Why not ?

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I've only ever preordered a few games, and they were generally because I wanted the game on day 1, not because of a pre-order bonus. 
Halo 2 
WWE Day of Reckoning 2 
Fable II (Yeah, I got that sweet pub games XBLA thing (which I S ranked, of course), but I pre-ordered it because Fable 1 was my favorite Xbox game. Goddamn you Peter Molyneux and your betraying of every single goddamn system in that game in your sequel.) 
That's all I can think of. I don't really pay above $20 for games any more so I tend to not get anything around release.

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I did (and still do) preorder if I thought it was a game that might sell out 
For example, MVC3 sold out in two days here. I almost didn't get a copy because I didn't preorder.

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I started pre-ordering games when i was in high school.

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I pre-paid (how does one even "pre-order"? That's not a pre-order, that's an order!) for games before bonuses because I was a stupid kid. When I stopped being a stupid kid I stopped pre-buying everything. These days I only pre-buy to lock in a lower price on newegg or amazon.

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I've only ever pre ordered one game. GTA: Vice City from Amazon back in the day. I ended up getting it a little over a full week past when it was in stores. I haven't pre ordered anything since.

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I started preordering in the late 2000s because if I knew I was going to buy a game anyway, I just thought why not pay it off now.

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I remember going to KBgames and "reserving" Super Smash Brothers as well as Windwaker back in the day. I mean, that's the same thing, right? All it meant was you were guaranteed a copy when the store got its first shipment.

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I don't see the point in pre-ordering, at least not where I live. If I want a game on release I can always find a copy at a store. I also don't buy from GameStop so that's probably why I can find copies since they only get enough to fill the pre-orders plus a couple of loose copies.

I will, however, pre-order games on Steam since they usually come with a cheaper price and some extra bonuses (Borderlands 2).

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Never pre-ordered back than aha

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I only preorder games online so they get delivered to me on the day.

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I always pre-ordered and most things I get never have bonuses so...

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The first game I remember preordering was Jet Force Gemini. I was obsessed with all things Rare and this was no exception. I think I was 11 and I saved my 5 dollar weekly allowance since the first article in nintendo power about it. This probably stemmed from a legitimate fear that I would get there after my parents got off work on the day of release and it would be sold out. It had happened earlier in the year with Super Smash Bros.

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I preorder roughly 60 or 70 games per year (not including another 30 or so on Steam). I don't do it because of the bonuses, I do it because it's the most efficient way to get something the moment it releases.

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This thread is founded on the faulty premise that pre-order bonuses haven't always been a thing. I certainly remember getting that GameCube copy of Ocarina of Time and Master Quest because I pre-ordered Wind Waker, or that Mumbo Jumbo doll for pre-ordering Banjo-Kazooie.

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I did sometimes when it was a game I knew I would buy anyways. I'm not usually swayed by pre-order bonuses unless it's something really good.

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I still pre-order games, with Steam you can get some nice pre-order bonuses and have the option to pre-load the game before release. With a two-megabyte download internet speed, being able to download my game a few days before release is a nice feature to have. When I pre-ordered Max Payne 3 through Steam I got Max Payne, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, and L.A. Noire for free, none of which I had played before.

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I've only pre-ordered I few times and then afterwards I stopped. Before pre-ordering was to ensure you could get a copy in your area but now games are so mass produced that even with the big blockbuster titles you can still get them the day of if you didn't pre-order...I guess pre-ordering has now turned into the exclusive special edition stuff and downloads

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Truthfully, pre-order bonuses have been "a thing" for as long as pre-ordering has been a thing: since the nineties. The bonuses weren't as commonplace, but they were still there. Seems like it began with the PlayStation.

I think the first game I ever pre-ordered was Tekken 3; I was supposed to get a free T-shirt, but the shirts were stolen by shameless piece of shit Electronics Boutique (i.e. GameStop) employees.