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For whatever reason I was reading up a lot on the history of the Berlin Wall the other day and a question popped into my head. Are there any video games out there (specifically FPS) that involve the Berlin Wall? Whether you walk along it from one side or just see it in the distance, I wonder if The Wall has been put into a game yet. Obviously it wouldn't be in any of the millions of WWII games, but are there are games set in Berlin from the 1960s to the late 1980s? Yes, i did search on GB and see "The Berlin Wall" for Game Gear but that's not the kind of game I'm looking for. Thanks for any help!

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World in Conflict:Soviet Assault has you detonate the wall in the first mission! Its a RTS, and one of my favorite games. It takes place in 88 or 89, one of those Cold War goes hot type of scenarios. Excellent game, well worth the $9.99 its going for on Steam.

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@fuzzybunny566: Call of Duty: Black Ops has a map set at the Berlin Wall.


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@fuzzybunny566: The game World in Conflict had a setting around the Berlin Wall; though, it was a real-time strategy game. It infamously included a small piece of the Berlin Wall in every special edition box.

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That new Killzone game on the PS4 has what is basically the Berlin Wall. I only bring it up because it's an FPS, and I would be really surprised (and kind of disappointed) if they don't touch on similar themes.

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Thanks for all that info! I will definitely have to check out those games.

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I remember a scenario in a SimCity game that was based on Berlin. The wall just came down and you basically have to reintegrate everything without going bankrupt.