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It seems 3D and Sonic are not things people like to put together, however we must remember there are GOOD 3D Sonic games, which is the point of this poll. 
What do you think is the best 3D Sonic game?

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I haven't played Sonic Colors (which I hear some people liked) so I'll have to go with Adventure.

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It right there in the title! It's 3D and it's a Blast!
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There's a best? I mean, like a real best. A best that SEGA can be proud of.

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Haven't played all of them, but out of the ones I have, Sa2B was definitely the best. While the Knuckles/Rouge levels are really boring and awful, the shooter stages are easy and quick and the Sonic/Shadow ones are still pretty fun. 
The tunes were also kind of awesome in that cheesy sort of way.

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Sonic Adventure 2 was the one with the opening that has Sonic jumpin' out of a helicopter and skating down the street, right? I played it on the GC.
I loved the Chao component of that game. They were so adorable! The way they bounced off the pointy rocks and flailed around as they try to swim without drowning. So cute :3

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Sonic R.

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I'm looking at those and really having no idea what to pick... that's not exactly a great selection. Maybe Sonic Adventure because the idea of a 3D Sonic game wasn't obnoxious at that point. 

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Just got Sonic Colors today, haven't played it but heard good things. 
Sonic Adventure 2 was amazing for me. Pretty much because of Crazy Gadget. 
Also, you could f'n BE Robotnik in the story.

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@ssj4raditz said:
It right there in the title! It's 3D and it's a Blast! "
I love that game because I played it all the time as a kid, but...yeah it's not a very good game, objectively speaking. 
Haven't played a significant amount of it, but I loved what I played of Sonic Colors for the Wii. It felt "right". If you play it, you'll know what I mean.
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@DrFidget said:
" Sonic R. "
^This by one thousand. I remember going through school singing the soundtrack to that game, so addicting.
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Hmm...of the 5 Sonic games that I have played since the Blue Blur's jump to 3D, Sonic Adventure/Battle 2 on the Gamecube was the best. I still play it every now and then for the memories of a great game from my younger days xD

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Adventure 2 definitely especially the GCN version with the chaos.

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Sonic Unleashed didn't deserve about half the flak it got.

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Asking which is the best 3D Sonic is like asking which was the best Victorian-era disease that mostly killed children.
I'd have to go with Sonic Adventure 1 and Polio.

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Sonic Heroes here but that's more because it was one of my first Sonic games and one of my first Gamecube games.

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The first 2 on DC are the only decent ones and that was back then, now they are all SHIT bar colours which is still only decent. Sonic 06 and Shadow are abominations.

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I lied and chose Sonic 06 just so I could see the results.

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The good parts of Sonic Adventure 2 were excellent, so I'm picking that. Though the bad parts (Rouge, Tails/Eggman levels, Knuckles's Aquatic Mine stage, all the pyramid levels) are pretty abominable, the good parts were all awesome. And somehow the voice acting in that one never annoyed me.

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@Gamer_152: Yeah Heroes is definitely up there. At the time, it probably was the best 3D Sonic game. I think what I've played of Colors still tops it, but Heroes (as long as you play as the normal Sonic, Knuckles, Tails team) is quite close.
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@LordAndrew said:
"I lied and chose Sonic 06 just so I could see the results. "

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I spent a couple minutes just staring at the poll and I can't convince myself to honestly pick any of them. I will go the same route as someone else before me and just pick Sonic 06, just to see the results.

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Isn't this like asking "what's your favourite STD?"
Mine is Sonic Herpes!

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I'd be tempted to say Sonic Adventure, but having when't back and played that recently... 
Yikes. :|

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Adventure 2

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@SethPhotopoulos said:

"Adventure 2 "


I actually don't know why so many people say this.  If anything it's aged horribly over the years.
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@SethPhotopoulos said:

"Adventure 2 "


I actually don't know why so many people say this.  If anything it's aged horribly over the years. "
It was my favourite.  I actually preferred it to the original.  I don't have to think the same way you do.  And I didn't play Colours.
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I remember Sonic Adventure 2 fondly, but I also felt the same about SA1 - I recently played the XBLA version and the camera drove me bonkers.  
I'm gonna go with Unleashed.

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@ssj4raditz: uhh no lol

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should i have to say something else?