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That's so hard. Everything in Shadow of the Colossus, of course. And this:

Just gets me pumped. Another favorite would be

But the absolute, absoLUTE best is

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Mother fucking Thanatos from Secret of Mana.

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The song at the end of MGS3 comes to mind. Most Japanese video game music I find annoying though.

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@Turambar: Lol, that's the one I posted. PAY ATTENTION. 
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Yeah, I love "Dancing Mad" from Final Fantasy VI. 
There´s an awesome orchestra version on the CD title "Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds II".

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@FluxWaveZ said:

@Video_Game_King said:


How many people delve into the obscure shit? How many people play games like Cocoron, Faria, Valis II, Panzer Bandit, Evil Zone, Romancing SaGa, and a bunch of other games?

What does the obscureness of the titles you play have to do with the music that any game contains?

New page, I'll post another one I like:

(I'll count it as boss battle music)

I prefer Mu-12's theme:

Also, since my other favorite FF boss tracks have already been posted:

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One Winged Angel 
Say what you will about the game but this is the one true answer.
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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

One Winged Angel Say what you will about the game but this is the one true answer.

It's up there for me. Even Jeff made a comment about it on the recent Gundam QL, but my favorite is:

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@SuperfluousMoniker said:

Mother fucking Thanatos from Secret of Mana. 

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@H2Oyea: I read the thread title, this instantly sprung to mind! Then I looked at your avatar and thought, he's bound to have posted it already and you did!