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What do you think the best franchise / series is? It can be a game or movie.

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Dragonball Z
Grand Theft Auto

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Metal Gear Solid

God of War

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Mario, Metal Gear, Zelda, Halo, and Half-Life

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  • Zelda
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Prince of Persia
  • God of War
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Mario
  • Metroid
  • Wave Race
  • MGS
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With out a doubt Mario is the greatest gaming franchise ever.

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Alright what if it had to come down to one.

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Theres too many

Half-Life I guess is a great one

And Mortal Kombat

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Ninja Bread Man

Cooking mar mar

Wii play / fit

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KingKoopa said:
"Alright what if it had to come down to one."
Then Superman... but seriously, dude, Mario without question. Discussion over!
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ZeldaKingKoopa said:

"Alright what if it had to come down to one."
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Well... I've always been a Need for Speed fan.