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So, me and a few friends were talking about how we wanted to go to a gaming convention at some point. We tossed around the idea of E3, PAX among others. We then all realized we do not even know which one would be the most interesting or fun. I decided that I would ask you guys as a fan what would be the best gaming convention to attend. Not just of the two listed, but of any "big" gaming conventions there are!

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PAX is not only the best option, it's also pretty much your only option if you don't have connections in the industry that can get you into E3 or are into development and going to GDC.

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I imagine the Tokyo Game Show would be fucking crazy, a complete sensory overload. If I had the money, I'd go to that.

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PAX. It's made for fans.

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PAX is the obvious answer. Most other major conventions like e3 are press only. (Assuming you don't win fan tickets or something like that)

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PAX all day everyday.

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Go to PAX. Go to all the PAXes.

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PAX would be the best but I wouldn't mind going to Blizzcon

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@evo: i think the majority of what they show at TGS nowadays is mobile gaming stuff so i'm not sure it would that hype unless you adore booth babes.

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really surprised that this is even a thread, the obvious answer is pax. as its the only event u can go to unless your loaded and can pay for a gdc pass, or u gots people in the industry that can get you into e3

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PAX is really the only answer. E3 isn't for the fans.

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Might be slightly biased since I just went to Pax East but Pax really seems like the best bet since it was made for the fans.

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I'll throw in this list of conventions, but PAX (any PAX I guess) would be the best option. I had a blast at PAX East last week and I would love to go back another year.

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Gamescom was pretty much the only viable option for me so far since I live in Germany. But I liked it.

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PAX sells out in a matter of minutes. PAX East takes a bit longer but not by much. I'd try for a smaller/regional con. Try this list: http://gameconventioncentral.com. It's not all video game cons (it's more tabletop) but there are certainly a good number of cons that at least contain some electronic gaming.

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I've gone to Pax East every year since it started and it's a blast.

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The answer continues to be PAX, PAX East, or PAX Aus. Even if you're LGBT and get super bent out of shape about Gabe being the kind of a conservative who won't back down on his opinions. Bitch please, you still pretty much have to go to PAX, and everyone there is totally fine.

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PAX..wherever is good if yoiu can get tickets. The problem with PAX is you probably won't get in, and you probably won't find a hotel without booking a year in advance. So, I think people need to start going to 'up and coming' cons. The Escapist Expo happen October 4-6, 2013 in Durham, NC. It too is about gaming, comics, anime, nerd culture, etc....yet you can still get in and you can feel some ownership.

The BIG Comic-Con in the big cites (LA, NYC, Bos, Chicago, etc) are a nightmare these days, it not worth going unless you REALLY know the territory. If a local comic convention, gaming convention, or nerd-stuff convention come to your city - go there first.

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Escapist Expo

happen October 4-6, 2013 in Durham, NC. It too is about gaming, comics, anime, nerd culture, etc....yet you can still get in and you can feel some ownership.

I'd be interested to hear about anyone's experience that went last year, the guest list on their site looks pretty sad, I know they have other people going, but what they have promoted there doesn't really compare very favorably to even a small local comic con.