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#1 Posted by roars5000 (36 posts) -

Hi all, 
There is probably another topic devoted to this subject (if so, my apologies - please direct me to the link) but I was wondering, other than the Bombcast, what are some other good podcasts to listen to for games? 

#2 Posted by PenguinDust (12640 posts) -

Actually there are a ton of said topics:  LINK 
My favorite is Weekend Confirmed, CAGcast, Bitmob Mobcast, plus a few others on occasion.

#3 Posted by guthwulf (252 posts) -

I loved Retronauts, but they're not doing that one anymore.

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I thoroughly enjoy the Controller Throw podcast, which I discovered by a random post by it's creators (?) on this very site. 
Also Joystiq + Rebel FM, but wow I can't believe how many of my podcasts are non-gaming now. If you don't mind listening to archives of the now defunct, Idle Thumbs was bar-none the best podcast ever.

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#6 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

Weekend Confirmed!

#7 Posted by ssj4raditz (1125 posts) -

Talkradar, bitches!

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#9 Posted by Liam_mk (290 posts) -
This should answer your question....
#10 Posted by RogueBomber12 (105 posts) -

Talkradar, Rebel FM, IGN Gamescoop, and gamespy debriefings, even though its not really about games anymore.
#11 Posted by Enigma777 (6059 posts) -

Gamespy Debriefings, RebelFM, Weekend Confirmed

#12 Posted by evanbrau (1162 posts) -

Idle Thumbs was great and so was Games for Windows Live/brodeo. They are both defunct but it doesn't really matter since both discuss interesting things and are funny as hell. I hate pretty much every other gaming podcast (apart from the bombcast of course).

#13 Posted by Vao (329 posts) -

Rebel FM, Cagcast. Talkradar has its moments. 

#14 Posted by Jayzilla (2572 posts) -

I am a fan of the HotSpot. I like it because they have a nice rotation of people to come in and they are really sarcastic to each other. I totally agree with how they rate games too.

#15 Posted by grayfox1210 (200 posts) -

talk radar, hands down

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I used to listen to all those 1up podcasts back when 1up was awesome. GFW Radio (Brodeo) and Retronauts were awesome. I even remember this one EMG Live podcast where they read all these different spam emails they had been getting. I was rolling on the floor by the time they got to the Dual Toilet. 
Retronauts still holds up because they talk about old video games. 
GFW Radio had more in the moment game talk, but they usually go off such crazy tangents and stories that they're still awesome to listen too. Plus they had "Heroes of the Web," one of the best features in a podcast ever! 

#17 Posted by JasonR86 (9729 posts) -

I'll listen to the IGN podcasts and the Game Informer Podcast as well as the bombcast.

#18 Posted by ikwal (225 posts) -

I really like the Joystiq podcast. Informative and funny.

#19 Edited by ninjamohawk (8 posts) -

This thread saved me. I was looking for some more good podcasts because the ones I were listening to whittled themselves down to Bombcast which is honestly my favorite and Game Informer. I used to listen to Sarcastic Gamer podcasts but I came to the realization that those people don't know games to be honest.

#20 Posted by DrMcKittrick (231 posts) -

Giant Bombcast is really not all that. It takes awhile for them to actually get on topic and there are times I question their maturity given how old these guys actually are. But they have a great site.

Weekend Confirmed is hands down the best because Garnett Lee is the best. I only wish Jon Davison was there with him all the time.

Rebel FM is good because they stay on topic most of the time.

And I have to give a somewhat thumbs up to IGN Gamescoop because every once in a while they make a "Back in the Day" episode much like the way Retronauts did their podcasts.

The good thing with retro podcasts is that they never get old because they already are.

If you're in to movie podcasts IGN has a great one with Keepin It Reel.

Dont forget Comic Geek Speak for comic related stuff.

#21 Posted by Siphillis (1298 posts) -
2PSTART! Live! was a hoot when it was still going.  I'm actually interested to see what becomes of our very own Pass the Whiskey, too.
#22 Posted by Little_Socrates (5718 posts) -

I'll be back shortly with one. I swear it.

#23 Posted by Noctis (37 posts) -

No one said this one yet, but i really like Epic Battle Cry, you can listen it here  http://epicbattleaxe.com/ is shorter than your average bombcast, but is really good. 

#24 Posted by Masha2932 (1242 posts) -
@Noctis: Yes!! I love the epic battle cry especially the banter at the start before the intro music and Daniel's 'terrible but funny' puns. Every time he says TJ in 3D always makes me laugh
#25 Posted by SadPatrol (502 posts) -


#26 Posted by Herocide (441 posts) -
@guthwulf said:
I loved Retronauts, but they're not doing that one anymore.
EGM Live was pretty rad, too.
#27 Posted by Three0neFive (2304 posts) -

Gamespy Debriefings, easily the funniest, most entertaining gaming podcast out there.
Oh boy.

#28 Posted by copeland57 (32 posts) -

@SadPatrol said:


Agreed. I think this is the best gaming podcast out there

#29 Posted by ikwal (225 posts) -

Joystiq was great, Justin McElroy is so awesome, but now they've changed the format and I haven't had time to listen to it, if it's anything like the old one it's gonna be great.

Also listen to My Brother, My Brother and Me! Not a gaming podcast but it's like super fresh.

#30 Posted by left4doof (286 posts) -

I like Rebel FM and Gamescoop,

#31 Posted by obtainium (12 posts) -

Just got into Ready Game Fire, it's a little grungy as it's clearly getting started, but they know games and they are fun to listen to.

#32 Posted by Witzig (338 posts) -

PC Gamer is a little preachy but a nice podcast to listen while playing a game.
#33 Posted by Trucker_Sean (46 posts) -

@ikwal said:

Joystiq was great, Justin McElroy is so awesome, but now they've changed the format and I haven't had time to listen to it, if it's anything like the old one it's gonna be great. Also listen to My Brother, My Brother and Me! Not a gaming podcast but it's like super fresh.

It's nothing like the old one. Now it's just Chris Grant trying in vain to make a show like Robert Ashley's A Life Well Wasted but instead of making it entertaining like ALWW, it's just plain boring. Not sure why they had to end both Joystiq podcasts just so Chris could do a podcast by himself, but I am disappoint.

As far as podcasts not mentioned above, I also listen to The Electric Hydra, Podtoid, Roleplayer's Realm, Drunk Tank, DG Radio, Video Game Jocks and the IGN Australian Pubcast. I also listen to a few indie ones that friends do, the best being The Perfectly Sane Show.

#34 Posted by nickux (1377 posts) -

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks!


#35 Posted by AuthenticM (3805 posts) -

Only one other person has mentioned The Hotspot. I've started listening to it, starting from the first one and moving up until the original gang is all but gone. It's basically The Giant Bombcast but with Rich Gallup as host. It's great. Any fan of the bombcast should listen to it.

#36 Posted by Jazzycola (658 posts) -

Must listens/watch: Mega 64(during Xmas and when they do their Faircast), Idle Thumbs(when they get back together during Conferences), and My Brother My Brother and Me

Great fallbacks: Gamespy Debriefings, 4player Podcast, Rebel.FM, Drunk Tank.

Podcasts I'd stay away from is anything that involves Arthur Gies and Colin Moriaty. Those dudes are negative nancy's. So unless you like hearing them talk crap about other podcasts member's opinions, act like know-it-all pricks, and use the word abomination all the time then stay away from them. Arthur Gies is the reason why Rebel.fm isn't a must listen. I stopped listening to IGN podcasts cause of them and having 20-30 minute segments of free giveaways(XBL and PS3 codes).

#37 Edited by SamFo (1562 posts) -

@Lemoncookie01: that picture is great, where did it come from?

Also Rebel FM is pretty funny. They pretty much have a 'relationship advice' segment, very funny

#38 Posted by Branthog (5597 posts) -

I've actually been a bit bummed in the last few months as a lot of gaming podcasts have changed dramatically or just gone away.

One of the NoobToob guys bought a house in another state, so they've ended the podcasts.

Mobcast has gone monthly.

A Life Well Wasted hasn't had a new episode in over a year.

Joystiq went from a fun podcast with commentary from multiple people that I looked forward to every week to a pathetic attempt to mimic NPR (there's nothing worse than an attempt to come across as serious and thoughtful by doing the overly produced, jazzy music, whispery pausing voiced NPR bullshit).

There are others that have changed or gone away recently, too. I just can't remember them. I used to listen to a ton of gaming podcasts (even if they weren't very good, they'd pass the time while cleaning the house or something). The list has been slowly dwindling as they've gone away or I've had to just outright stop listening.

GiantBombcast remains about the best, all around. You get more than just videogames, but a good deal of commentary and related discussion. I'm really tired of all the podcasts that start off with "what have you been playing?" and a response of "Well, I haven't really played anything in a few weeks".

The ones I enjoy most (and are hardest to find) are the ones about gaming history and the industry itself. I don't need yet another podcast reviewing this week's game -- maybe spend an hour talking about the history of Sega or some dramatic industry story from twenty years ago by the guys who were in the middle of it? Or maybe talk about some amazing games from decades ago?

#39 Posted by Soapy86 (2623 posts) -
@ikwal said:
Joystiq was great, Justin McElroy is so awesome, but now they've changed the format and I haven't had time to listen to it, if it's anything like the old one it's gonna be great. 
Don't bother. It's nothing like the old one, and it's fucking terrible. 
#40 Posted by Little_Socrates (5718 posts) -

@roars5000: That other one I spoke of? It was my own! We're an independent gaming podcast, and we're currently working on increasing our web presence, including by interviewing people in the industry. Our first interview is with Julien Fourgeaud, an executive from Rovio who works on Angry Birds.

(I would feel bad about advertising my podcast here if I weren't confident in its quality and if I honestly still listened to any gaming podcasts other than the Bombcast now that NoobToob has quit, and I wouldn't especially recommend the end of their run either.)

#41 Posted by Brake (1131 posts) -

What wasteguru said four months ago. I loved the old 1UP podcasts, especially GFW, Retronauts as well as 1UP Yours. Unfortunately GFW died and 1UP Yours went through so many cast and name changes that I lost all interest. Retronauts seems to still be around in some format, but I haven't listend to it in a while.

From the current ones I listen to the Bombcast pretty exclusively.

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These are the podcasts I am currently subbed to using my phones podcast app:

#43 Posted by itsmadness (143 posts) -

I like Weekend Confirmed, if only because I'm still suffering from post 1UP Yours withdrawals. 1UP Yours was the best back in the day...until the Giant Bomb guys guested on the show, haha. It went downhill right after.

#44 Posted by RagnarokRed (90 posts) -

I do not get the Rebel FM love at all. I would pretty much recommend almost every other podcast mentioned so far though.

#45 Posted by clstirens (847 posts) -

Talkradar is good. Not as good lately as it used to be, but always good for a laugh.
Warning, they have a VERY immature sense of humor (but have good points about games)

#46 Posted by l4wd0g (2016 posts) -

@Enigma777 said:

Gamespy Debriefings, RebelFM, Weekend Confirmed

Hell yeah.

#47 Posted by Branthog (5597 posts) -

I'm really tired of all the podcasts about gaming that spend about a quarter of the podcast talking about their wives being pregnant, having children, raising children, or the results of football games. Don't get me wrong, if you want to talk about that stuff, that's great. There are podcasts for that sort of thing. However, I don't need fifteen minutes a week (on multiple unrelated podcasts) dedicated to hearing about how it has been dealing with your pregnant wife who is having your second kid. I probably don't even want to sit through hearing about that from the guy next to me at the office, much less in a podcast.

#48 Posted by Grimace (376 posts) -

Talkradar, CAGcast, Rebel FM, Gamespy Debriefings. Be warned that since Scott Bromley got laid off the Debriefings may drop in quality.

These are the choice four other than the Bombcast. If you can get used to censoring then the Hotspot is alright. Oh, and Behind the Screened Door is pretty good too.

The IGN casts are hit and miss and often very obnoxious. Though I appreciate that they do a lot for their fans.

Games Dammit is pretty average with everyone being ultra-cynical, they all have poor voices for podcasting and they barely play any games.

I don't mind the new Joystiq podcast but I don't understand why they had to cancel both the Joystiq podcast and the Xbox 360 Fancast.

I feel that Weekend Confirmed is just Garnet Lee trying to relive his old 1up pocasts but the problem is that he just can't get the same chemistry with Jeff Kanatta or Xav De Matos and it usually descends into them pedantically analysing something everyone's covered before with the help of quotes from pretentious NeoGaf users.

Major Nelson Radio feels like a giant advertisement where we get interviews from developers gushing about how good their game is and the crew love every game they play.

#49 Posted by Branthog (5597 posts) -

@Grimace: I was subscribed to the IGN feed for a couple months, but it seemed like every fourth podcast was dedicated to helping little kids with dating questions and it was just unbearable and awkward to listen to, so I unsubscribed. I think they're the ones who did that RetroCity podcast though. That was pretty good. Too bad there don't seem to have been any new episodes in the last two years.

#50 Posted by Rebirth1337 (795 posts) -

CAG Cast, The Shaft, and The Drunk Tank. The last doesn't talk too much about game though.