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Best Graphics on PC? (243 votes)

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 3%
Battlefield 4 26%
Bioshock Infinite 4%
Borderlands 2 0%
Crysis 3 11%
Far Cry 3 2%
Hitman: Absolution 1%
Metro: Last Light 19%
Planetside 2 0%
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 2%
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings 19%
Tomb Raider 2%
Other 8%

Which game do you think has the best graphics on PC?

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I was never able to make up my mind on this. I can't even make my own personal subjective opinion on what "best graphics" mean, let alone think of an objective definition.

I guess the game that wowed my eyes the most on PC out of those is.. Crysis 3. Everything on the screen was delicious. Too bad it's the worst big game of the year.

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"Wowed my eyes" is what I would consider a good definition. Some games look like comic books, some cartoons, and others take the more realistic approach. All the games that I listed look amazing on a decent gaming pc.

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In my opinion it is Battlefield 4 for sure. I think Crysis 3 is very strong too.

Ryse looks amazing on Xbox One, it'd be cool to see a PC port at some point to see how much better it could look.

I think Witcher 2 is up there, but it's really the art style more than just raw power that makes it look so great.

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I voted Bioshock, but I think the best looking game I've played in recent memory was Remember Me

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@artisanbreads said:

I think Witcher 2 is up there, but it's really the art style more than just raw power that makes it look so great.

I voted for Witcher 2 for that very reason and also because I'm doing my Dark Mode run in this game in preparation for the Witcher 3 (and hopefully the save will carry over them sick-ass Dark Armor & Weapon sets :D) so I'm clearly biased. Also "Best-looking" should probably be a more apt description for the thread so people wouldn't think it's just raw graphical power since that would be pretty much fall under BF4 and Metro.

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Crysis 3, Metro Last Light and Battlefield technically have the best graphics for their hardware demands.

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Crysis 3, Metro Last Light and Battlefield technically have the best graphics for their hardware demands.

This. End of discussion.

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Your arguments are now invalid.

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DayZ has the most realistic looking foliage and trees I have ever seen, amazing natural lighting too.

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I think ARMA III in scope. If you have the power to run all the way up it is truly an amazing game. Hell even bee's cast a shadow in the game.

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Now are you talking STOCK Skyrim or modded out customized Skyrim?

Because if you're referring to the latter- How is this even a contest?

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I still think that the first episode of The Wolf Among Us is the best looking video game I've ever seen. If we're just talking graphics I'd say Metro: Last Light.

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Modded Skyrim looks preeeeetty incredible.

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Not sure what has the best graphics all are triple A titles. But I will say Lara Crofts hair effects on high sure dropped my computer a few levels. I think I went from 30fps to about 10fps.

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My second play through of Bioshock Infinite was spent mostly taking screenshots. I won't claim it pushes the most polygons, or has the best shaders, but it sure looks pretty.

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Planetside 2 is impressive in scale. It looks really good for a game that big and hectic. But even on Ultra when you get up close textures look like muddy ass.

#19 Posted by EVO (3782 posts) -

Bit.Trip Runner 2 wowed me the first time. Wasn't expecting it to look so good.

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dwarf fortress

#21 Posted by BeachThunder (11265 posts) -

Gone Home - It has the most graphics!

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@soldierg654342: Yea. I had seen TB's early footage and thought it looked good in his videos and looked fun, so I gave it a shot. First time I installed Planetside 2 I was shocked how ugly the game looked. I spawned in those portal tube thing facing a wall; I was pretty disgusted. I'm really surprised by some people are claiming that game looks good. If the claims is "well it's an MMO" then I'd say Guild Wars 2 looks better. If people retort "well PS2 an MMOFPS, not an MMORPG", then what other game qualify in its category? In a category of one, of course you're number one.

#24 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1681 posts) -

@noizy: I mean, it looks more than fine in the moment, while you are playing it. But if you slow down to take int he scenery, things fall apart.

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Crysis 3 has all the graphics in it.

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I enjoy AC4's graphics the most, so I voted for that

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Metro Last Light punishes PC's the most, and after seeing it in action at top end settings I can see why.

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On a surface level (textures, models), likely some heavily modded popular game like Skyrim or GTA IV.

Overall, with scale and interactivity figured into it all - definitively Battlefield 4. Especially given the fact that it's all built for 64 player multiplayer. Just watch this timelapse!

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Braid looks better than all those games.

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Metro Last Light is pretty much photo realistic when you go onto the surface, I was gobsmacked (GTX670)

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Yeah I agree about metro last light. On top of being a pretty darn good game it also looks amazing if you've got a PC that can handle it. Its more than just having the best lighting or texture work, its how the level design works with the graphics to make a truly believable environment. I am going to vote for metro:last light.

Arma 3 has some of the best looking natural landscapes and forests I have seen in a game. The individual pieces dont make arma look outstanding but its the scale of it all that is so impressive to me.

Crysis 3 has some of the most eye catching graphics I have seen. Everything in that game is exaggerated by design. Ridiculous lighting and crazy particle effects.

Battlefield 4 I do not think looks that impressive to be honest. I think it basically looks identical to battlefield 3 with slightly more interesting maps. Obviously 64 player games with that kind of fidelity is impressive but I think the kind of drab art design lets the game down.

Honorable mention goes to tomb raider. Its a game with no clear strengths in terms of graphics but also no weaknesses. Its just a well put together and beautiful looking game with fantastic looking environments and a nice amount of variety.

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Whatever the question, the answer is always The Witchaaa

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I'm not sure how you could vote for anything other than Metro after seeing it.

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Modded Skyrim looks fucking bananas good! BF4 single player maxed at 60+ FPS is very impressive. The Witcher 2 is also really nice. Not played Crysis or Metro yet.

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@martez87: Yes, with ENB's lighting mod and a few texture mods Skyrim can look amazing. That also goes for sound as well with the mod below..