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Now by this, I don't mean specific story moments or anything like that; I'm more referring to largely spontaneous events in a game that made you reel back in reverence of the awesome that has just occurred. Perhaps an example is necessary.

I was playing Skyrim yesterday (I've a feeling that a lot of the moments are going to be from open world games like this one) and I decided to murder an entire village of Orcs. Do not ask why. Everything was going swimmingly until I faced off against the chief. This fucker refused to die, no matter how much I punched him. I then decided to lure him outside and let the Giant take care of him. One problem: he murdered that Giant, and, fresh off a recent kill, still wanted me dead. Knowing I couldn't kill him, I decided to murder all of the guards in nearby Riften, instead. So yea, something along those lines. Random shit that either nobody else would think to do and/or would never happen again in another playthrough.

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I rode the back of a Cyclops off the edge of a damn cliff in Dragons Dogma and lived after the impact which instantly killed the Cyclops.

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@Video_Game_King: Racist! What did those Orcs do to you? They live in their own villages, secluded, doing nothing to nobody.

First thing that popped to mind was when I first bought Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay, I and a buddy of mine I was showing the game off to decided to kill all the prisoners and guards in that first prison block area. (they are prison scum, I felt no remorse. that goes for the guards too) After they were all dead we dragged there corpses around, which the automated turrets didn't much care for. This is probably a you had to be there type thing, but as someone who was there it was great.

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I'm playing a character named Dickpunch Cockblaster; when he sees unpunched dicks and unblasted cocks, he must correct the situation. It is all he knows.

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I was playing with my Monk yesterday. Diablo III, Act II. I was logging out in the city, when two kids started playing with a chicken. Then a guard came and kill said chicken.

OK, Diablo, you keep striking me with awe.

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@Video_Game_King: Well I guess I can't fault you for taking your roleplaying seriously.

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A few. In Saints Row the third I jumped out of the plane to kill a bunch of gang members. Landed, ran towards them ready to shoot and then two seconds later the plane landed on them exploding and killing them all.

Splinter Cell Conviction. This is something i'd say is dumb, but has always amused me. There's a bit in the White House at the end of that game and i was using the x-ray vision to look through the wall and I lined up all my mark and execute shots and then burst into the room, hit the button only to realize one of the targets I had marked was actually the chandelier and it was right above my head, killing me instantly.

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Rode a warthog off a cliff and landed on the back of a Scarab and destroyed its core while a second shot at me in Halo 3.

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Battlefield 3. Too many amazing moments to count. Game really brings the anxiety and excitement of being in actual combat.

My SINGLE favorite moment in a video game however was probably in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 after you revive Alyx and get the best speech from the G-Man that occurs in that series. Being heavily invested in that story, it meant a lot to me, as it got me pretty excited to play the rest of that game.

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I was playing the Xbox version of HL2 once (I don't know why really). My hovercraft hit a piece of papper or something, went flying through the air, spinning wildy, and landed ON the skybox. I was sitting in the middle of the air, very securely. I didn't try to get out and walk around, but I wish that I had.

Then there was the time that I was playing LoL (around level 10) and used teleport to single-handedly destroy 3 turrets and two inhibitors at once...And then later in the same match to destroy ANOTHER 2 turrets.

Ooh ooh, then there was the time that I was playing a 3v3 as Caitlyn and I killed a tryndemere and dragon at the same time by blind-firing my q through the wall, thereby stealing drag, getting a kill AND getting both buffs.

Video games are awesome.

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Me and a friend were playing GTA IV, an he was currently using the controller. He jumped out of a Comet at top speed, and with each bounce off the pavement he went higher and higher...before bouncing on top of a gas station and slamming into an explosive tank, killing him instantly. Another time he jumped out of a helicopter aiming for that park lake, and managed to hit the corner of the stairs instead. But he hit it in such a way that Niko immediately got back up on his feet within a second and was fine. We laughed so hard each time.

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Battlefield multiplayer, simple as that.