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So having been roped into the FPS genre again with BLOPS 2 and having a blast with Nuketown 2025, it got me think to some of my favorite multiplayer maps. for starters, i think nuketown is as close to perfect a map can be. sure, it can be a little tight and chaotic at times but its like a slice of fried gold. i also think that Facility from Goldeneye is a fantastic map. i recently played it with my GF and it still holds up. better than the game does to be honest.

But those are just the first two that pop up in my head. how bout you folks? it doesnt have to be a FPS game, just a game where a single map is in play.

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Facing Worlds

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Firing range from black ops 1 is the best map ever in a call of duty game. Probably in any game.

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I definitely think Lockout from Halo and a couple of the Quake III maps are stronger than any map from GoldenEye, and while I haven't seen Nuketown 2025 yet, I can definitely say Nuketown is probably as far from a quality map as you could get for me. My favorite CoD map is probably that one with the mounted turret on the second floor of a house in CoD 2

My personal favorites will probably always be either Coagulation or Foundation from Halo 2, or the two snow maps from 007 Nightfire, but those definitely aren't some of the best maps out there.

A few of the basic Team Fortress 2 maps are really excellent, too. Hydro, Gravel Pit, and 2Fort are way solid.


@laserbolts said:

Firing range from black ops 1 is the best map ever in a call of duty game. Probably in any game.

This one is pretty good, too.

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Chinese from Timesplitters. I guess that's the one that's stuck with me.

That and a good handful of the stages from the Super Smash Bros games.

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@laserbolts: its really good but i cant help but think itd be better if it was a tad smaller. that whole area in the back could get cut out and make it alot better.

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@Little_Socrates: snap,i forgot about two fort. that is an excellent map.

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dm 17, Dome and Station from World at War, Castel Gandolfo in Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Revelations, various others. Archives in Goldeneye. Facing Worlds is iconic but pretty stupid all things considered.

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@blueduck said:


This. Hell, they are on the 4th version of this game and people are still playing 24/7 dust2 servers.

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Narrows from Halo 3, or any version of Facing Worlds from the UT series. I guess I have an appreciation for symmetrical, two base maps.

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@Ursus_Veritas: thats why i love nuketown. its just built so perfectly. sadly not every game mode suits it. kill confirmed is a fucking nightmare there.

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Corrugation and Rankin from UT2k4, some of my favorite music in the game as well. Generator rooms aside Arx Novena is fun in Tribes: Ascend.

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@DoctorDanger99 said:

[I] also think that Facility from Goldeneye is a fantastic map.

You called it, duder!

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@Pr1mus said:

Facing Worlds

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i really like terminal from mw2

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Blood Gulch, Facility, 2Fort, de_dust, Crash, Death Island.

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@Barrabas said:

@blueduck said:


This. Hell, they are on the 4th version of this game and people are still playing 24/7 dust2 servers.

I think that says more about the kind of people that play Counter-Strike than the quality of the map. It is a great map though for sure, but I'd have to go with Wake Island for my favorite.

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@Little_Socrates said:

A few of the basic Team Fortress 2 maps are really excellent, too. Hydro, Gravel Pit, and 2Fort are way solid.

Teufort is probably the worst stock map in the game. It has too many choke points, making it easy for one team to camp the whole game. The intelligence is behind the spawn, so it's hard to get out of the enemy team's base.

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@rentfn said:


cs_assault and cs_office have always been my favorites.

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Uncharted 3's co-op maps are almost all excellent; though they're mainly just competent in competitive modes.

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Quake and CS and UT and Perfect Dark and TimeSplitters 2 and Battlefield 1942 and Halo and Halo 2 had some dope multiplayer levels.

Let's Play Halo 2...multiplayer...together!

Back when a Killtacular meant killing 4 enemies within 4 seconds of each other.

Back when getting an Overkill meant you heard 'Un-Freakin' Believable!' from The Announcer.

So, Halo 4...that's a thing that people around the world are playing. But what about those of us who are getting a sudden, weird urge to play the multiplayer for Halo 2? Yeah, I know, ever since the OG Xbox Live service went dark on May the 11th, 2010 at 01:58 EDT, it's been kinda tricky to find an open game these days. Well, as I'm sure many of you know, those of us with a computer and an Internet have been able to make use of free tunnelling (XLink Kai, in this case) software, to essentially trick the Xbox (or Xbox 360) into allowing system link games to take place over the World Wide Web. For free, no Live account required. The process of setting up this software is pretty quick and pretty simple, free of charge and even I got it working. But before I go down the route of telling you how to get all hooked up, I want to make sure that we've got a good pool of people to play with!

I thusly propose that we go back in time and play some of this excellent video game. Together. FOREVER. So, please reply in this here thread, send me a PM, make your mark or sign your John Hancock to let me know you're interested. I plan to get all the games that I play in recorded for posterity, we could use Mumble for voice chat to communicate, and we will be playing a lot of super sweet custom games. That is, if you donate your time and fun juice to me.

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ra3map11 from quake 3 rocket arena mod

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Crossroads, Desert Glory, Death Trap, Fish Hook, The Mixer, Vigilance, Fox Hunt, you get the idea

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The Pit (Halo 3)

Guardian (Halo 3)

Foundation (Halo 2)

Lockout (Halo 2)

Crossfire (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

Countdown (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

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Crossfire or Crash from COD4.

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Overgrown in COD 4 and Gridlock from the Gears series.

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BF1942: Wake Island

BF2: Wake Island

BF2142: Wake Island

BF1943: Wake Island

BF3: Wake Island

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Socom 1: Abandoned, Rat's Nest, Desert Glory, Frost Fire, Blizzard

MAG: Asheron Refinery

Black Ops: Nuketown, Summit, WMD, Array

Battlefield 3: Scrapyard, Kharg Island, Gulf of Oman

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I play that and de_dust and that is about it. The other maps are still good but man de_dust2 really got it right in so many ways.

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Blood Gulch.

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Azure (From Unreal Championship 2)

Dark Carnival

#40 Posted by DoctorDanger99 (686 posts) -

@MightyDuck: if i never play summit again ill die a happy boy.

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Lava Giant, from Unreal Tournament, Best map ever.

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Crash from COD4 (perfectly balanced symmetry  between attack/defend) 
Vacant from COD4 
Carentan from COD1 (which was remade as Chinatown in COD4)
cs_office from Counter-Strike 
Strike & Crossfire from COD4 
Biased? What do you mean? *ahem*

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Guardian in Halo 3 was pretty awesome. I love most of the tiny CoD maps. My favorite I can think of is probably Valhalla from Halo 3 though. Love that map. Standoff and High Ground and Last Resort are also awesome maps.

I guess most of em are Halo maps :p

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Zanzibar and Wake Island.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:


Fuck yeah, I forgot about this map! Tons of fun!

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Silo - Goldeneye

Sea Town - MW3

Discovery - Black Ops

Skidrow - MW2

Bloc - COD 4

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Even though it is a user made map I think Twin Labs is one of the best maps in Unreal Tournament. It's better than Facing Worlds, Lava Giant and Deck 16 for sure.

Even though most Warhawk veterans dislike it, I think Omega Factory is amazingly designed. It's the only map that makes it almost impossible for your entire team to be trapped in a corner. Air superiority alone won't win here since all base capture points are at least partially inside buildings. I've never seen a team reduced to control of just one base and no team is out of the air for long with 8 planes spawning at home base. All the other maps make it easy to ground opposition pilots.

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There will always be a fond place in my heart for Morpheus from the original Unreal Tournament.