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Posted by soundsword (23 posts) 2 years, 2 months ago

Poll: Best Ninja Turtle? (173 votes)

Leonardo 21%
Raphael 24%
Michelangelo 19%
Donatello 31%
Venus (stfu, she ruled) 5%

Raphael could kick Donatello's ass, and Michelangelo would lose badly to Leonardo.

In that terrible CGI TMNT cartoon, Raphel beat Leonardo, but that was kind of bullshit, his swords would not just break like that from a Sai, and even if they did, he would win hand-to-hand combat.

I'm going for Leonardo, because in the 1st TMNT live action movie, he's the only turtle to get a strike a shredder in the final duel.

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Raphael is the strongest in terms of pure strength, but he's quick to let his anger and rage blind him. He was given a more defensive weapon, the sais to teach him to not rely on his strength alone.

Donatello is physically the weakest, but clearly the smartest. His bo staff was given to him to help train his strength due to the weapon's simplicity while also allowing him its versatility.

Michaelangelo has the most raw talent and ability. He could be the best turtle, but is greatly prevented with his lack of focus and concentration. The nunchaku, the most technical weapon of the four, is there to hone that focus and concentration.

Leonardo is the most balanced. He's not the strongest nor the smartest, but he's the most level-headed. Thus he was given the katanas and made the leader.

So while they are all good in their own right, Mikey is my favorite. Can't say specifically why, just is.

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Man, screw all yall! Michelangelo isn't the top pick by a landslide?

This is why there is still war. :|

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Leonardo is the supreme ninja turtle.

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Not enough fellow chuckers around here it seems.

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Raph > Mikey > Donnie > Leo

(lol at including Venus as an option)

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casey jones was always my favorite ninja turtle character. i dont care if he's not a turtle, he gets my vote.

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Doesn't matter because Master Splinter would school them all then drop another funny.

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  1. nunchucks
  2. is a party dude
  3. nunchucks

This is a smart guy.

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Donatello followed by Leonardo. Done and Done.

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Nunchucks, wild sewer parties and an unhealthy obsession with pizza: Michelangelo represents the teenager in all of us.