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Love these so much. 

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Huh... video is blocked in my country cause it didn't have the right publishing rights? What kinda music you playing in the video?

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I love these videos

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@Grimmy616: At one point Patrick's video plays with a different song, so "Woman" by Wolfmother.

Another great video! Good call on shortening that GH2 video by just choosing a different song from GH2.

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Great video as always.

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@Grimmy616: do you live in germany perhaps?

the song at the end prevents germans to watch and people to watch on mobile devices, so I'm thinking about just cutting out the end for you guys

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Love these videos. Delighted that you are still producing them. Thanks dude!

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These are always the best!

Dat Klepek!

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These are the best.

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what the hell was that at the end? patrick? why? leather pants? who? where am I? i want my mommy!

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My god, the AR card thing, how did I miss that?

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Those pants...I couldn't look away, but I didn't want to watch.


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Klepek needs to comment on this story.

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The QL market is currently peaking for 2011. Those Kinect ones were magic.

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Tetris penis.

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Awesome! I was actually waiting for the next one of those.

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Soooo good! Thank you for enlightening me, re: Patrick Klepek, rock god.

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Never thought I'd see the top of Patricks arse crack... there is really nothing more to that thought.

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Patrick really has that rockstar pelvic thrust down.

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god damn it sexy Patrick

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stupid sexy klepek

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This has made my week 100 times better.

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Where on earth did that Patrick video come from? Was this something someone just found on the internet from the pre-GB days?

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QL's justify the Kinect's existance, that is all

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Patrick is a natural rocker lol.

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Ya, um... What kind of home videos does Patrick make?

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How have I never seen these before? LOL.

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The amount of angry cursing during the Dark Souls QL was great :p

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I said it in the video comments and I'll say it again:

Patrick Klepek is sex incarnate...

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Just discovering these videos now. Awesome stuff.

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if there was ever a time to drop the $50 and become a member, this video, dammit, I'm IN!!!!!

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Quick Look: Patrick Klepeck. I'd like a commentary track for that.

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this was funny. But i don't understand wtf happened at the end there.

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I don't really have time for (many) QLs anymore so am ever more grateful for these videos. Thank you.

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What is that car game?

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1UP you say..

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That Trackmania 2 Quick Look was one of their finest.

Patrick's epic rock night came out of nowhere though. Nice pants duder.

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Oh man that ending... and those pants.

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Man, I love the WM folks. They're all goddamn hilarious.

Tetris Axis quick look is still one of the best. If your tetris lasts longer than 6 hours.

Edit: Also, this is nothing against Patrick himself, but I don't believe any human should ever wear those kinds of pants. Ever.

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Patrick is a goddamn crazy dude, I love it.

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Patrick just got a whole lot cooler in my book. And it's a pretty cool book. I keep it under my pillow.

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Oh my god I laughed so hard at the Patrick part, I throat hurts, idk how I missed that. I wanted to watch this a week ago but I forgot :D

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Klepek rocking it old school with a cathode ray tube, I see. Nice video comp as always!