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Hi! Over the past three years (God...) I've been collecting the best bits of random Giant Bomb Quick Looks/Videos and making little compilations of them and putting them up on Youtube. I remember initially doing them as a way of introducing new members to the site what the best content was without having them being forced to watch countless hours of videos.

Over time, some of the videos broadened out past Giant Bomb and introduced a lot of outsiders to the site (I remember receiving a lot of comments/PMs saying that the videos led them to the site and/or led them to buying premium content). I'm super happy that this stuff managed to happen because I was effective in making my little highschool mixtape of what I thought was cool and I was able to share it with a bunch of people.

Ok, Where am I going with this? I've done a horrible job over the past year or so of keeping up with it and properly cataloging stuff when I should have. So this thread is a way to properly do it. Along with that, there's also a handful of users on youtube that have done similar things that should be grouped in with my shlock (actually the Persona highlights were made before I started doing stuff). So here we go!

Best of Giant Bomb series

Most Recent Video:


Best of Giant Bomb 1 - Origins

Best of Giant Bomb 2 - The Return Of The Helicopter

Best of Giant Bomb 3 - 3D

Best of Giant Bomb 4 - Fucking Four

Best of Giant Bomb 5 - Hidden Jackie Chan

Best of Giant Bomb 6 - Fake Boobs

Best of Giant Bomb 7 - Welcome To Railworks

Best of Giant Bomb 8 - Flower Sofa

Best of Giant Bomb 9 - No Chewing Allowed

Best of Giant Bomb 10 - Don't Shake The Baby

Best of Giant Bomb 11 - Megan's Laws

Best of Giant Bomb 12 - Spit On It

Best of Giant Bomb 13 - I Love My Job

Best of Giant Bomb 14 - Don't Leave Me Hangin

Best of Giant Bomb 15 - Space Whale Has Ascended

Best of Giant Bomb 16 - Truck Wars 2011

Best of Giant Bomb 17 - Safe Spot

Best of Giant Bomb 18 (lost to YouTube forever. Will remake it once I have time)

Best of Giant Bomb 19 - I'm A Cupcake

Best of Giant Bomb 20 - Zero To Britain

Best of Giant Bomb 21 - The Truth Behind Wappy Dog

Best of Giant Bomb 22 - Double Salutes to Salute to Saluting

Best of Giant Bomb 23 - Flight Club

Best of Giant Bomb 24 - 'Tis Only But A Scratch

Best of Giant Bomb 25 - Big Jeffrey

Best of Giant Bomb 26 - Fake Nazi's / Real Karate

Best of Giant Bomb 27 - The Alex Trebek Concept

Best of Giant Bomb 28 - We Are Farmers Now

Best of Giant Bomb 29 - That's So Gumbo

Best of Giant Bomb 30 - Take A Look

Best of Giant Bomb 31 - Call Adele

Best of Giant Bomb 32 - Thanks Viagra

Best of Giant Bomb 33 - A Fork

Best of Giant Bomb 34 - Strom's Revenge

Best of Giant Bomb 35 - Boat Games

Best of Giant Bomb 36 - How The War Was Won

Best of Giant Bomb 37 - #LEGITSPOOKS

Best of Giant Bomb 38 - Xbox 25

Best of Giant Bomb 39 - Cacodad

Best of Giant Bomb 40 - Grand Theft Vinny

Best of Giant Bomb 41 - Slice The Pie

Best of Giant Bomb 42 - For The Kids

Best of Giant Bomb 43 - HR Awaits

Best of Giant Bomb 44 - Beep Beep

Best of Giant Bomb 45 - Bring It

Best of Giant Bomb 46 - Five Kings

Best of Giant Bomb 47 - Jump

Best of Giant Bomb 48 - Artorias B.I.G.

Best of Giant Bomb 49 - A Dark Turn

Best of Giant Bomb 50 - Bat-Tech™

Best of Giant Bomb 51 - What A Season

Best of Giant Bomb 52 - More Cupcakes

Best of Giant Bomb 53 - Bomb Maybe

Best of Giant Bomb 54 - Ziiip

Best of Giant Bomb 55 - TED-01

Other User's Youtube videos/pages

MonoPingo's Best of Persona 4 Endurance Run Playlist

Armaan Sandhu's Best of Deadly Premonition Endurance Run Playlist

TMTomson's Best of the Fear Gauntlet

Mike Kob's Giant Bomb videos are fucking amazing.

TheBurlapLemur's Bitesized Bomb videos is super ambitious. Watch them if the "Quick Looks" aren't quick enough.

Personal To-Do List for Me:

  • I need to add more people to the Other Videos section. If there's anyone out there who I skipped over, please yell at me.
  • Make more videos! I'm currently looking at making a video a week since I've got time now. If you have a favorite highlight, please yell at me on here or on my Twitter account.

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"Sometimes its like watching a fish play Doom 2."

Man, I miss that dude...

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These are always fun to watch, good stuff.

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Update: Uploaded Grand Theft Vinny and started to list out the games in each episode.

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Giant Bomb is at it again is one of the best moments from a quick look this year.

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Thanks for featuring my video! (Although you misspelled my name :) )

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Never stop. Ever.

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Awesome, been loving your work over the years man.

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I've watched all of your videos. They are amazing.

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From 8:30-onwards in that GTA video, is that from a trailer (that's of course been edited), or a custom made GTA IV video?

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@ramone: @meatball: @dudeglove: thanks

From 8:30-onwards in that GTA video, is that from a trailer (that's of course been edited), or a custom made GTA IV video?

It's from this trailer:

Loading Video...

I think it was the european trailer, but I remember it being super badass in the way it was shot. Plus it featured LCD Soundsystem (one of my favorite bands) "Get Innocuous"

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Seriously dude, you are a champ. Sometimes I feel like doing this, and then realise, there is sooooo much GB content in the last few years. You're doing an awesome job (... even if you miss some great moments like PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN ;))

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@zero_: sorry for skipping over Pacman Pacman!


New Episode is up! For The Kids!

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New one made out of the PS4 livestream is up!

Hopefully I'll be able to make another one next week for the XBONE livestream, and also I'll probably get one up out of just sports games quick looks from this year.

hope you guys like it!

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Just popping in to say thanks - I've watched some of these videos multiple times over they're so funny. Excellent work duder!

*virtual high five*

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Thanks, duder. Have appreciated these since day one. When someone asks me what Giant Bomb is, I just throw on one of these videos and let the guys speak for themselves.

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I'll also pop in and than you for making these, such a great way to just watch small bits of GB at the time. Never stop! :)

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Update: New one popped up from the Xbox One livestream/week

Next few weeks will probably consist of Dark Souls and Sports.

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Wow, the new one might be the best yet.

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Huge love for everyone putting together these compilations and preserving/ making some of the best content easily accessible over the years. I've been devoting time into doing the same with content from Game Informer (because clearly Giant Bomb has that area covered) and it's encouraging and awesome to see.

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Another update, put all of the Dark Souls videos on here so far.

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Always loved your compilations. They really put into perspective just how many truly hilarious things have happened in these videos over the years.

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Nice! Bookmarking this. Good times.

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Thanks for doing this man. Hearing vinny rage is such a joy.

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Great work, been going through some of them recently. Does anyone remember what video it was Jeff did (something along the lines of)

"Ever want to see what the bottom of an avatar's foot looks like" and then he does something like "your worst nightmare"

I've been trying to find it, it was definitely a Kinect video (obviously) though.

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Love your work man! Bookmarked the hella out of this page

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Yea, I just did a binge of these over the weekend. So glad you decided to continue them. Really wish I had more time to watch Load Our Last Souls though, cause your highlight of it had me dying of laughter.

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Back at it again!

I took a few weeks off and now that I've reconfigured my schedule, I should be getting 1 or 2 of these out weekly now. Expect 49 on Mondayish

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Loading Video...

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Forgive my amateur video editing.

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Thank you for making these turboman! I registered thanks to these videos.

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@turboman: I just want to say thanks for these. Whenever I get remotely bored, I marathon through 5 or so.

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@zaccheus: @keeperxiii: @thecitizenkaneofthings: thanks thanks thanks


Added the last few to the list and I'm starting to make a list archiving every game on these things... I might do 17 again soon... or not...

Next week will be another comp of quick looks, and then after that I might dig through the archive of premium stuff.

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Updated with the past few new videos.

Also, I made a video saying this, but might as well repeat it here:

If you feel like helping me out, whenever you come across a video on Giant Bomb with a funny moment, please leave a comment on the video and include me by typing "@TurboMan" and give me a time stamp. It really helps me.