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The topic is pretty self-explanatory.   
I would like to have legitimate copies of some of my favorite games' music.  Some of these are hard to come by and/or too expensive.  I was just wondering if there might be a really good resource out there that I'm missing.

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You want the actual discs or just the music?
iTunes has really bolstered their lineup of video game soundtracks in the last few years.

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Amazon,ebay,Playasia, CDJapan.

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I actually still prefer discs where I can get them, but I'll take digital only if that is what's available.  I have been browsing iTunes and was surprised at how much they had.  That's been my only resource for the most part, but there are a lot of soundtracks I want that aren't available on iTunes.

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oh I got tons of those just come into my dungeon-basement I mean basement...