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Hey duders, just wondering what you use for a podcast app as apple's podcast app is just terrible. Reviews have said that Instacast isn't that great anymore so I'm just looking for some recommendations. Thanks.

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I still use Instacast. The only problem I have with it, is how it deletes listened to podcasts

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I don't know if it's on IOS but I've been using dogg catcher for android for nearly 2 years. It has pretty much all the podcast you want in the data base, adding new podcast via rss or google is super simple and it has all the setting you would want in terms of download and storing both global and feed specific. The only bad thing is it's not free but for me it was totally worth it

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I use BeyondPod but it doesn't look like it available for Apple devices. Best podcast app if you have an Android phone. Schedule updates, categorize feeds, very easy to add and organize content. It has a free version but you can't schedule updates and some other features are disabled. Well worth the money to unlock everything.

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For iOS Ive been using RSSradio. The free version only allows for 3 podcast subscriptions at a time but other than that it's been awesome for me.

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I use Downcast and know a couple other people who do with good results. It's a stable app with clean design and lots of customization options.

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I got Downcast but thanks for the recommendations guys.