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Submissions Needed! 

Sometimes there are just too many QL's put out for people to watch all of them, so I wan't to create an easy reference guide for the best of the first quarter, then the second and so on, so that when we have the Best of the Best QL'OTY awards we know which are the best. 
Last year I missed out on a few gems and I know that a lot of people missed out on QL's that were comic Gold because they didn't know about them. 
So, GB Duders, I need your help, the Best of the Best of the First Quarter? 


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  possibly my favorite this year. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo! 

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was Story Time from this year?

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Fuck yeah that was awesome.
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Anybody else?
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EDIT: Embedded WAY wrong...whatever. 
Endless Ocean: Blue World.

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  PS - 1000th post.
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Rogue Warrior. Tomena Sanner. XBOX Live Indie games. Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire. Story Hour: Adventures. 
i dont know how to embed, not even gonna try. but all of those quick looks are hilarious, and 4 of them happen to be on page 4 right now 
EDIT: ooooooooooooh by 1st quarter you meant QLs made in 2010. in that case...i think Tomena Sanner was in 2010

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Thank you.  Thank you.  I was literally thinking the exact same thing a week or two ago and contemplating writing a post like this.  It's at the point where I'm not watching every QL ever produced by GB and yet it's so easy to completely fail to realise which QLs will produce vintage GB comedy gold just from face value.

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Bad dudes!! 

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I vote for Amped 3

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@CitizenKane: I approve 
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Let me put my bullets in you!
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@Red12b: Why? I haven't done anything 
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@RandomInternetPerson: It was a quote in the video, I thought it was funny, 
Brad to Ryan, Let me put my bullets into you, Ryan to Brad, No, I don't want your bullets in me... 
I thought it was funny. 
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@Red12b: Oh,hahaha! I haven't watched since it came out so i forgot :/
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Tomena Sanner, Amped 3 and Strange Journey were great ones.
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What everyone else said so far, and I though blue toad MURDER files was pretty funny too.