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OK so lately I have been itching to play a Rally game. It doesn't have to be too sim-y, but I'm not looking for an arcade game either. To give you an idea my favorite racing game on original xbox was Rallisport Challenge. As I see it I'm limited to 3 series: Sega Rally, WRC, and Dirt. From what I have seen Sega is too arcadey, and I am not sure that WRC series was released in the US on 360. So any suggestions on which of the 3 Dirt games? I've heard that as the Dirt series progressed, there has been less and less rally stages. Thanks for the advice! (Sorry for the block of text, my work computer doesn't play well with GB forums/comments).

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Dirt 3 is one of my favorite racing games of all time, so I would for sure recommend that.

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Dirt 3 brought back a lot of the rally stuff and the game was a lot of fun. I'd definitely recommend that.

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Oh, man, RSC was so awesome! I'm not really well versed in Rally games, but I've really enjoyed the Dirt series. I've only played Dirt and Dirt 2 (Dirt 2 was on the PC). I don't know of a better rally series on the xbox, and I think it strikes a good balance between sim and arcade.

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Probably the original Dirt or Dirt 2. From what I've seen of Dirt 3, there's a lot more non-rally stuff. Or if you don't care about graphics you could go for the old Colin McRae rally games for the original Xbox if you can find them. I loved those games and they felt much simmier than Dirt 2.

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DiRT 1 is the best straight rally game. DiRT 2 throws a lot more stuff into the mix, but has a lot of really great rally stuff too. DiRT 3 is much more like DiRT 2 but with a bunch more gymkhana shit that really just gets in the way of the rally experience. I would really go for DiRT 1 if it is pure rally you want. It's also the most realistic of the 3 although it's still hardly a simulator.

The WRC series is garbage, don't bother with them.

Sega Rally is indeed extremely arcadey and in my opinion not all that fun about it.

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All three regular Dirt games (not the recent Dirt spinoff, though) are fantastic games that deserve your time. Dirt 1 had a very European, WRC-esque flavor to it with the presentation. The next two were more catered to the X-Games crowd but that by no means should deter you from playing what are some of the best racing games on the console.

Sega Rally is still a lot of fun. For a game that's more than a few years old, it still looks great and the tracks are on the more creative side visually. You can probably get this game for really, really cheap at this point.

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Would say dirt series is the best

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Thanks all for the advise...it seems to me that Dirt 1 might be the way to go. Problem now is finding a copy since there isn't much that makes my skin crawl as much as walking into or giving my money to a Gamestop. But I might bite the bullet or end up with a more recent Dirt 2 or 3 which would be easier to find at other retailers or amazon. (I'm sure I could find it on ebay but I happen to have a serious problem with instant gratification/impulse buys haha)

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dirt 3 as I repeat the same thing as everyone else. Its a damn good game

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Dirt 3 is my favorite, Dirt 1 can be merciless and dirt 2 has too much dudebro.

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@zudthespud said:

Dirt 3 is my favorite, Dirt 1 can be merciless and dirt 2 has too much dudebro.

Also, DiRT 1 didn't really feel like you were racing in rough/loose terrain. DiRT 3 does that, and has the major types of rally stages (Desert, gravel mix, snow).

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Well this is only a technicality, but Rallisport Challenge 2. My favourite rally game by far, but it was an original Xbox game. Otherwise I say Dirt 2. Dirt 3 is good too, but I had way more fun playing the second one

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like what other people have said dirt. that series seems great.