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@slightconfuse said:

a challenger appears:
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Got another:

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Probably the most underrated one.
      All the TF2 title songs are amazing and it was hard to choose a favorite
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@NickBOTT said:

Somebody beat me to the punch with Legend of Zelda so this:

How can you post FFX title theme but fail to post FFX-2 title theme?

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Hard to tell what's best, but this is a pretty damn good title screen song: 


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Yo ima let you finish but Dragon Age Origins has the best music.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Ok, i'll give you Indestructible. Love that song, and i'd forgotten it. Soooooo sad when i booted Super.....no Indestructible :(

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  I used to go to bed with my nes running this on repeat when I was a kid, haha.  Someone else posted Megaman 3, which is another one of my favs.

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THis wins hands down 
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@H2Oyea: Yes. So good.

LA Noire's is great. I really like the Tactics ogre one for PSP

So good

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@sionweeks said:
  First one I thought of.
Dude, I want that as my ring tone. 
@ErrorOperator said:

This is the perfect song to get you pumped up for some Uncharted 2!

Yeah, I was considering posting the U2 title theme as well. I think it's officially known as Drake's theme.  
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@Skar220 said:


You win good sir.

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This has probably already been posted, but this is the most critically acclaimed title screen video game music in history.

Final Fantasy XIII's title screen is so relaxing.

I always thought this was pretty fucking epic!

I love all the music in this game, so the title screen is no different.

I could go on and on with this, but these'll do for now.

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  • World of Warcraft and Expansions
  • Civilization IV
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Risen
  • Gothic Series
Off the top of my head.
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@dungbootle said:


Was my ringtone for quite a while.
  I love this arrangement of the Clock Town theme. So peaceful.
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I like to let this one idle on the main menu and turn the volume up really loud.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:
  I think this is like the 10th time ive pushed this song on this site. 
All the music in that game is amazing. I'm still kind of bummed none of it got nominated in giantbomb's music award last year. At least Ryan made a note of it saying that if any of them had actually played the game maybe it would have gotten a chance. oh well.  
@creamypies said: 

I always thought this was pretty fucking epic!

 Oh yeah hell. You know, Bulletstorm was pretty fucking awesome! 

Ok my turn. A lot of my favorites have already been put up but I still a few up my sleeve.  
  A very haunting and yet peaceful theme.
  I wanted to learn the piano because of this.
Probably my favorite menu music ever! 
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Deus Ex, this topic is over.

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@Jolt92: Fuck yes. I also agree with the Mass Effect one.

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No one's posted these yet? 

  Others I love.. 
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@Skar220 said:

Yeah, I'm going to have to go with this one too.