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I've been on a binge lately, and I want to know what you guys find to be the best of these.

I've seen both Cards Against Humanity TNT's multiple times, Need for Speed: HEY HEY YOU YOU, Trackmania II with Ryan/Jeff, and Fortune Street.

Also, any excellent Whiskey Media Happy Hours? I've seen a bunch of them but it's been over a year since I binge-watched 'em.

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I enjoy the happy hour where Dave drives drunk and Will and Norm do a blind taste test.

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My personal favorite TNT was Twisted Metal since I got to play the whole time (didn't feel too bad since connection issues rarely filled up a room).

But yeah, I'm a bit biased.

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its really hard to pick the best. i opted to just watch them all.

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I kinda love the TNT where Patrick and Ryan play through a bunch of Portal 2 co-op levels, mostly because you will probably figure out the answer way quicker than they do, and after a while you want TO STRANGLE THEM! It's actually kind of entertaining.

I also seem to remember a Happy Hour where Will quizzed Norm about something (I think it was features that Android has but iPhone don't) and every time he got a question wrong he blew a siren next to him. Or the one where Norm had to play through some Wipeout Kinect game wearing a giant onesie. In general, watching Norm be tortured is always fun.

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I kept a list of old TNTs in this google doc, and I was thinking about putting together a list of the best TNTs. Never really got around to that, but here's some of my picks, excluding the ones listed in the original post:

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Aug 5, 2010) - This one's a link to an embed, because last I checked, its archive on Twitch was not linked up properly, and it's from before TNTs were archived on the site.

Halo: Reach (Sept 16, 2010) - starts at 1:16

Welcome Back, Playstation Network (May 19, 2011)

Dead Island (Sept 15, 2011)

Now in 3DO (Jan 26, 2012)

Brad Muir and PS2 games (Feb 21, 2013)

You Don't Know Jack (May 16, 2013)

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Creeper Cam (Whiskey Media: Happy Hour 02/18/11) where Jeff is really creepy.

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Fortune Street is the best

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The Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts TNT is highly underrated, and there's the Team Fortress 2 TNT that happened just before PAX '11 with Dave, Will, and Gary, with much reminiscing and Hardcore Dave hijinks. To go back to the pre-archive days, if you look on JustinTV or YouTube you can find the simply hilarious TNT with Ryan playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 in the most lackadaisical fashion imaginable. The classic FPS TNTs are also good for nostalgia - see Quake II and Unreal Tournament 2004.

Other people have already mentioned my favourite Happy Hours (Drunk Drive Dave and Creeper Jeff), but there's also "no no no, don't shake the baby!" from 10/22/10 (holy shit 2010 Giant Bomb, that was a while ago. So many great memories).

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I record the chat rooms of some of these..."live Internet webcasts". So that "you" can relive the..."experience" of being there with the..."fun-loving" Giant Bomb community. Over and over and over again.


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Besides the major favourites, most of which are posted above, my two favourite ones are the Chivalry TNT, the one TNT I actually got to play on (The highlight being Drew Spartan-kicking off a log into a chasm.) and the Madden TNT they did. It was when I was first really getting into Football, and was just a very chill TNT.