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pretty much, lol


Darksiders 2, Halo 4 and Skyrim all had awesome soundtracks as well.

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Persona 3 /Persona 3 FES /Persona 4 /Persona 4 Golden /Persona 4 Arena /Persona 4 The Animation Soundtracks

All Congregate equal a HUGE EarGasim

I genuinely can live with listening to this music for my entire life.

(Side note: I think I've been listening to these OST for about 1 year and change straight) I genuinely believe i have a problem

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@bigjeffrey: those aren't even his best soundtracks. Meguro's soundtrack for Digital Devil Saga 2 and SMT3: Nocturne are way better.

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RDR was great. Braid's was great. Most Zelda's are great. I like all of the early MegaMan game soundtracks. I think Shenmue had my favorite orchestral one. Katamari Damacy might be my favorite though.

EDIT: I forgot Arcanum! That's my all-time favorite.

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Oh you know, it's quite impossible to name just one that rises above the rest.

Actually, no it's not. It's Vice City.

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All right, I'll oblige; even though there's already been a million of these threads, and even though the OP hasn't even contributed himself...

Anyway, maybe not the best, but some game music that I really enjoy listening to:

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Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.

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A tie between Chrono Trigger and Bastion for me.

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Just like movies, books, comics, etc... I have no one favorite. I could give any number of answers depending on my mood or other factors.

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FFIX. Because.

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Diablo 2 and WoW have great soundtracks.

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Persona 3/Persona 3 FES/Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden/Persona 4 Arena

All Congregate in a HUGE EarGasim

(Side note: I think I've been listening to these OST for about 1 year and change straight) I genuinely believe i have a problem

Hah, I knew I couldn't be the only one! I've also been listening to these tracks for the past year. They just never get old.

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The answer is pretty always Streets of Rage 2.

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I've been really digging Dreamcast era sounds. Phantasy Star Online remixes are pretty good. if you duders have any soundtracks recommendations from that era let me know. Much Obliged.

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I have been digging Outcast recently.

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Some of the stuff in the King's Bounty games are pretty good. Best of all time though, no idea. I liked the first Mass Effect quite a lot.

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FTL. It's the only music I have on my PC right now, for the most part, since I lost all my music a year or two back after doing a format and have been too lazy to try and find it all again. As a happy coincidence it amazes me how many games FTL's music work with and make better. I have been having it play in the background while I play games various games it it matches up so well.

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I found the Witcher games' music to be the most captivating

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I think Double Dragon Neon's pretty amazing!

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Persona 3/Persona 4 (Please don't make me choose) wins it for me as far as having a bunch of awesome songs go, but if we're talking soundtrack that best fits the game it is in, I would have to say Silent Hill 2. Fits the theme and the feel of that game fantastically, but the music itself may not be as viable to listen to outside of playing the game.

Also... Pokemon.

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Mega Man 2


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Final Fantasy X

Also Kingdom Hearts (II or Birth By Sleep), Mirror's Edge, Final Fantasy XIII and Xenoblade Chronicles

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Mega Man 2. Every time I hear Wily Fortress 1 or Air Man, I feel the need to play it again. It's music that still sticks in my head, randomly, on any given day. The constraints of the NES really forced composers to create songs that were astoundingly catchy, and I think they blow most modern game music out of the water. Given the aforementioned limitations and considering the time period that it was made, I have to vote for MM2.

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Chrono Trigger, Mega Man X, Super Metroid, DOOM, Skyrim, Oblivion, and Halo.

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Chrono Cross

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anyone mention Lost Odyssey?

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Metal Gear Solid because of "The Best is Yet to Come". In my ears the finest single piece of music to come out of video games.

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Silent Hill 2

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Well most of my favorites have been mentioned already. I will say that in my regular playlist of music Mega Man 2 is usually there when I'm working or exercising. I'm also a big fan of Castlevania music.

Oh and Super Meat Boy has fantastic music.

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Donkey Kong Country 2 is the best and most consistent VG soundtrack IMO.

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Persona, Bastion, All the RareWare N64 games, Silent Hill just for the intro songs.

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Assassin's Creed 2 and Hitman Blood Money.

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Dust Force, Bastion, and basically any thing by Jeremy Soule (the elder scrolls/guildwars guy) and of course, hotline:Miami.

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I have to throw out FFVII to be honest. I've been replaying FFVII for the past month, just was given the keys to the Airship finally. Anyway, the game really does have solid music in my opinion.

Also a fan of the music in Jet Moto, albeit there isn't much variety.

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These are my candidates.

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Shadow of the Colossus. Seriously, duders.

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Having been recently reminded that Bionic Commando Rearmed exists, I choose that, because man was that soundtrack awesome.

I will also accept Symphony of the Night.

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In my opinion: Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Breath of Fire III. Hard to choose one as the best. Symphony of the Night was pretty awesome though. As was Donkey Kong Country 2.

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Oblivion, Uncharted (at least the main theme), HOTLINE: MIAMI !!!, and Max Payne 3

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I'm still not sure if it's my all-time favorite, but man do I love Fez's soundtrack.

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So many great ones mentioned. I agree with a ton of them so I'll just add some that haven't been said yet.



Advent Rising

Beyond Good and Evil

To The Moon

Might and Magic/Heroes of Might and Magic series pre-Ubisoft

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Tomato Mart. Best video game music ever composed.

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I second Silent Hill 2 and would like to add Hotline: Miami

and Quake and The Dig


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Secret of Mana; no need for anything else at all.

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For licenced or covered music honestly Bioshock Infinite was amazing, also Tony Hawk 1 still rocks my world.

@atramentous: Damn you to hell for that, I will be dreaming about Shenmue for a week now.

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A Link to the Past, Bastion, Sword and Sworcery, Skyrim, Mega Man X, Mega Man 2, Journey, Fez, Double Dragon Neon, FTL, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2...I'll post more if I think of them when I wake up.