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Who do you think that the best villain ever is? It could be in a video game or a movie.

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Joker, especially in The Dark Knight.

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The Joker, no kidding.

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Neo Cortex

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The  Joker hands down......he's the only character to ever give me chills in a movie

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111GREEN_RANGER111 said:
"The  Joker hands down......he's the only character to ever give me chills in a movie"

I agree 100% with you because he as well is the only villain that has given me the creeps.
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Tom Nook

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Bob_Toeback said:
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Carebears... they give me chills.

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Thomas said:
For games, Bowser. The dude just won't give up the more I think about it.

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Darth Vader.

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In video games I'd have to say Sephiroth. He just embodies the essence of evil and was a truly heinous villain.
In film, I'd have to say Darth Vader. Although he seems tame nowadays, he was really a physical representation of fear in the films.
In comics, the Joker would have to be the best villain. He is the only villain that other villains fear, because his motives and actions are just so crazy and senseless.
Finally, in television I'd say Sylar from Heroes. A great villain.

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Albedo's laugh still gives me chills. And the Joker is exactly what a vilain should be, the exact opposite of a hero, so I'm going to say one of them for now til I think of something better.

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Volgin from metal gear 3 was pretty good as far as bad guys go

Noty particularly scary - but he ticked all the maniacal despot boxes

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Overall I'd say the Joker too.

In videogames...well Lan Di  would be my obvious choice.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

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:D no disagreement here that the Joker was amazing in the film.

Pyramid Head in Silent Hill always freaked me.

Liquid Snake is my hero.

Dunno bout the best ever tho. Hard to think over everything ever. These are my 3 mentionable ones tho :D

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well in films the joker and in games I dont really know

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Old Skool:  Darth Vader.  Probably a generational thing, but I was in kindergarten when I saw that movie, so he was scary as hell.
New Skool:  Hannibal Lecter.

Kain.  The man had the chance to save the world, but chose to cast it into ruin for 1,000 years.  He vanquished his greatest enemies, then desecrated them by raising them as the very things they crusaded against.  That's major.

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Green Goblin.

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Wesker, Albert Wesker.

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jon irenicus
and if you dont know what game he's from then shame on you!

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Movies: The Joker, He is just so twisted
Games: Sephiroth, He is just evil

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Doctor Doom.



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Dr. Evil ! But seriously- Two Face. He is a great character.

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Lol. Austin Powers Fan By Any Chance ?

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Darth Vader good guy going bad..

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Whilom said:
"Lol. Austin Powers Fan By Any Chance ?"
Yeah baby !


Darth Vader good guy going bad..


Oh yeah. Forgot about him.
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The Joker

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movie wise I would say the joker. (he is one of the most memorable.)

game-wise, I would say Kefka from final fantasy VI, he is basically the Joker of the Final fantasy series. : P

Sephiroth comes close though.

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Lou the Devil - Guitar Hero 3 (expert boss battle)

I have never wanted to literally punch the tv before until i met this guy,

But on screen, Joker he was insane (loved the magic trick), and that guy always had a plan.