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Poll: Best Yeezus song? (93 votes)

On Sight 5%
Black Skinhead 18%
I Am a God 13%
New Slaves 11%
Hold my Liquor 4%
I'm In it 8%
Blood on the leaves 18%
Guilt Trip 1%
Send it up 2%
Bound 2 19%

So I've been spending most of the night listening to Yeezus and playing Tekken Revolution and was wondering what everyone's favorite track is now that its been out for a few days and everyone has had time to give a few listens. I'm pretty sure I'm in it is my favorite out of the lot of them but I enjoy the whole thing quite a lot. Black Skinhead would most likely be my second favorite.

#1 Posted by zombie2011 (5048 posts) -

So many choices I like every song on here.

"Send it Up" gets my vote.

#2 Posted by SecondPersonShooter (619 posts) -

Have you guys heard the iTunes version of the album?

It's completely different mixed than the other versions, it makes Black Skinhead and Hold my Liquor sound way better, specifically on Black Skinhead because his screams at the end of the whole "So follow me fast cause there's no way to go....DOOOWWWN" is pumped up way louder.

Black Skinhead is also my favorite song right now.

then Blood on the Leaves

Then New Slaves

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Blood on the Leaves for me. He makes the autotune work for me in it. New Slaves is probably second.

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@secondpersonshooter: Yeah I heard that. I heard that Kanye was working on the thing until the very last minute which would explain why the digital version is different.

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On Sight is a cracking opener inducting the new Kanye, so it gets my vote, its just way too raw between the indie acid house beat and the explicit lyrics.

I Am God, Blood on the leaves, and Hold My Liquor take hip hop in a similar new exciting direction. New Slaves is the obvious single, sounding like Mercy and Clique before it but with better storytelling.

The rest are also strong songs that hold their own, however Guilt Trip is a completely unnecessary come-down proving Yeezy ain't God and a perfect example of autotune gone wrong.

#6 Posted by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

Blood on the Leaves without a doubt. Black Skinhead is a super close second though.

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I only like Black Skinhead because it was used perfectly for The Wolf of Wallstreet trailer.

#8 Posted by Demoskinos (15153 posts) -

@mattysen: I'm gonna guess you were pretty harsh on 808's too then eh?

#9 Posted by BradBrains (1171 posts) -

@mattysen: I'm gonna guess you were pretty harsh on 808's too then eh?

i tried hard to hate that album but couldnt. kanye proved me wrong. I think graduation is his worst but he really kanye doest have a bad album

new slaves, Black skinhead and blood on the leaves are easily the standouts but really the whole album is crazy aweomse

#10 Posted by JayDee (442 posts) -

send it up. cool beat and king louie killed it

#11 Posted by HouseOfBalloons (46 posts) -

Blood on the Leaves is the only song on that CD that makes me feel anything. Any song sampling Nina Simone is gonna spark some emotion.. :P

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Blood on the Leaves is just pure insanity. Who hears that TNGHT track and thinks, "if only this had some subtle piano chords and a sample of "Strange Fruit" on it?"

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My favorite song was when I threw the Yeezus CD out of my car while going 60 MPH. Seriously, it's terrible.

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Question: Is Ryan's enjoyment of Yeezus ironic or does he actually enjoy it? I don't really care. I just can't figure that guy out sometimes.

#15 Posted by kaos_cracker (710 posts) -

Black Skinhead, Blood on the Leaves, New Slaves, I am a God. I can listen to those all day.

#16 Posted by SecondPersonShooter (619 posts) -

Question: Is Ryan's enjoyment of Yeezus ironic or does he actually enjoy it? I don't really care. I just can't figure that guy out sometimes.

Why would it be ironic? It's good hip-hop music, and he definitely liked Dark Twisted Fantasy

#17 Posted by OurSin_360 (947 posts) -

Only 4 good songs on the entire thing. My favorite is I'm in it, only because of agent sasco killed it

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I am a fan of most of the songs on this album actually. I was kind of put off and tiffed by the first time I listened through the CD, but 2-3 songs into the second listen of the CD, I really started digging it. It is different and not your standard album by Kanye West, but then again, what really has been a "standard" or "by the books" album? I enjoy how refreshing it is.

I voted for Blood on the Leaves though since it was just so incredibly well done!

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As someone who liked all of his previous albums, here's what I think:

This new album is fucking stupid as shit.

#20 Posted by IIDrltaSNAKEII (23 posts) -

Kanye always push's himself. This album is definitely his most creative one.

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I'm listening right now.. Kanye always sounds like an inexperienced noob who gets worked up trying to prove himself, his vocals are really pathetic.

Sure, he should push himself and not idly say safe rehashed stuff, but he pushes himself too much and sounds like a childish fiasco. He just doesn't have the attitude that other boss rappers have.

Just compare this "I am a goddd!!!!" moron to Biggie or Nas.. Those guys knew how to create the illusion that they're invincible, this dude is screaming at me.

Edit: A couple of songs are good because the beats and samples save them, but otherwise his lyrical approach is annoying.

#22 Posted by thugg1280 (90 posts) -

I think it's lame didn't like any of it.

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I downloaded it yesterday morning but haven't been to the gym to give it a listen. I'm just excited to have a studio copy of New Slaves for now I guess.

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Bound 2 crew reppin. Guilt Trip/Blood on the Leaves after that.

But yes, the first seconds of On Sight are pretty perfect.