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Just wondering with all the madness going on, if anyone has got any creative/hilarious screencaps to share.  

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It's been hit and miss so far, but the hits have been astoundingly hilarious. Dance Central in particular, was a brilliant demo.

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JJ Weatherman had a good one of Will and Norm in the suits.

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I've got a running photoshop file going.  Currently sitting at just under 70.  I'll weed out the less than stellar ones later.
I should add, most of them are from the Dance Central segments.

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I was motivated to make this thread based on an awesome gif I saw of Jeff dancing to Dance Central. If anyone has that gif, a million blessings to you if you would be willing to share it here.

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Here's a sample of the goodies I got.
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I would post mine but I keep getting the 'oops, no images were selected!" error only on the screen shots I took...
I resized them and they are super small file sizes so I don't know what's wrong. I also tried uploading a different picture and it worked fine but there's no difference, they're all JPEG out of photoshop...

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@DeadFish: Yes. Very yes.
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This could be fabulous.

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Everyone is already posting tons of pics here.

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That other thread was all pics of the bloc party, so I am going to continue posting these here. Jeff's got his belly shirt flow on in this one.

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I've got over 80 screencaps of the Big Live Live Show Live to post (even if I can't ensure they're all of a high picture quality or hilarious), however due to a glitch I can't upload any of them.

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Some great photoshops could come out of this...

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 Will giving some love to our mates "daan undah"

 Obligatory Simpsons joke