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There are millions of threads about this sort of thing, and yeah it looks like it'll be a good year for sony, but at this time every year the next year always does, alot of those games will be pushed back, and sony always announces its big games before microsoft for some reason.

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Looking at that list I may only get around to playing Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3. 

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I don't care much for Kinect or Move, Microsoft has Gears 3 and that is all imo.
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" Looking at that list I may only get around to playing Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3.  "

I know man, Uncharted 3 will be the main reason I turn on my ps3 next year.
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Nothing on that list makes me want to update my PS3 out of 3.15

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I need to play the first InFamous before 2.

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I made it around 75% through and stopped playing, I tried going back but I totally lost interest.  Maybe the sequel will be great...
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DC Universe Online isn't a PS3 exclusive. I'm playing it right now as we speak on my PC.

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After Uncharted 3 and inFamous 2 the two Sony exclusives that I'm looking forward to nest year aren't listed; thatgamecompany's Journey and Rockstar's Agent.

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no chance in hell the last guardian makes it state side in 2011. 
seems like a perfect first half 2012 release.       
a game like that needs release window with not alot near it.   it would just be overshadowed by the big shooters in Q3-Q4

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Yakuza 3 has made quite a fair bit excited for Yakuza 4, to go along with my other anticipations for inFAMOUS 2, Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 of course <3

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I asked Santa for a PS3 again this year. He laughed at me. Bastard.

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@shadowknight508 said:
" another great year for Sony and the Playstation 3 . "
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What about Hero's on the Move or Ratchet and Clank All 4 One?

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The only game I actually want out of all them is Last Guardian. Looks so good. I have played previous entries in the other franchises and was wholly disappointed by them, especially that piece of shit that is LittleBigPlanet.

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Im really only excited for InFAMOUS 2 and Uncharted 3. Killzone 3 has to be amazing for me to pick it up because 2 didn't live up to its potential. Resistance 3 looks good, but after the second game took so may wrong turns, I hope they focus on creating a good story and campaign. And I doubt that the Last Guardian comes out next year.