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Like with the Game Room Quick Look vids, I downloaded some of them in both the HD and High versions to compare, and despite the HD version being more than double the size, there appears to be zero difference in the quality. Both are 640x360, run at 30 FPS, have the same audio and video codecs, etc. What gives with this?

I mean, I'd understand them just not having the original HD sources anymore since they're older videos, but why are there fake HD videos that are larger for no apparent reason?

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The problem lies in you son.

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@shadowskill11: Uhh, how's that? I compared the codec information in VLC and they're identical as far as I can tell.

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Bigger Bust size is what I read. Shame on me? :O

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The only difference between high and HD is the bitrates that the videos are encoded at. HD has a higher bitrate then high.

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The point is you watch "high" while high.

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The videos back then weren't HD anyway, right? They're just re-encoded with a higher bitrate. Bloating the filesize.