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I'm looking for a good tight 10 - 12 hour experience. I have £40. Which one should I get? (Baring in mind I played Bioshock 1 all the way though and I have read most of The Divine Comedy) Go!
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Bioshock 2 by a long shot.
The fact that you've read the divine comedy is a strike against Dante's Inferno.

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10 - 12 hours? Bioshock 2 for sure. 
8-10: I would have gone with Dantes Inferno  
Though, my vote doesn't count since I have both

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@ZeForgotten: You can't say which one you enjoyed more?
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Bioshock 2. My favorite game of this year so far. Thinkers FPS>Action game.

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Having read the Divine comedy will only make you frustrated  when you play Dante's inferno, I was bitching about how stuff was dumb the whole way trought 
Also I found that game boring and frustrating as fuck 

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Sadly I only have Bioshock 2 so I can only give you my opinion on that. I believe it's worth the money, personally I really enjoyed the single player experience. If you enjoyed the first one, you'll enjoy the second. Also the multi-player is solid and will extend the play time past that of the single player.

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Well sure, that would be Bioshock 2. 
The story and gameplay just felt right with me, and going back to Rapture was just great. 
Story in Dantes is weak and dumb. 
And it just felt half-assed in many parts.  Especially some parts where they just slowed the game down to almost a complete stop (or at least, a casual stroll in the park) just to make the game feel longer. 
(That's not really a spoiler, since it happens.. a lot)  
But for me it kinda depended on what Mood I was in. 
If I wanted to kill weird thingies and babies, I went with Dantes 
If I wanted a exciting and more relaxed yet still awesome experience then Bioshock 2 is the one to go with 
(That's just my opinion. But one thing I did hate a lot about Dantes Inferno was.. Well Dante o.O )
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PS3 or XBox? If you've got a PS3 just wait until next month and buy God of War III. It's like Dante's Inferno only... gooder.  
Anyway, I'd go with Bioshock 2. That game is really good. Dante's Inferno is only interesting to me in seeing how they realized the circles of hell, the actual playing of the game is... less then fantastic. It works, but not as well as, say God of War, which is pretty much directly clones. 

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Just from playing Bioshock 2 i can tell you it is a great game so i would suggest that if you liked the first bioshock
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I have completed Dante’s inferno maybe four or five times.  
Dante's is essentially what the film Van Helsing was. it's a fucking stupid bunch of nonsense, and if you’ve read the poem it makes even less sense. The idea of Dante ass kicking his way trough hell is offensive to my brain. And yes the fraud level is complete butt garbage, however I do think the combat is entertaining and it has a nice feel to all the stages of hell. 
Also there is man ass in the end cinematic. I rest my case.

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Bioshock 2, easily.
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played both and bioshock was a better game.

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Bioshock 2 won't dissapoint. It doesn't have the overwhelming sense of shock and awe of the first game, but it really is very well made (and the story is much better than I anticipated).
I'd wait for a price drop for Dante's Inferno (like me, you appear to be from the UK and I'd imagine DI will drop to about £17  from most online retailers in a month or two) since from what I've seen,  it just feels like a poor-man's GoW.

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@Doctorchimp said:
" Bioshock 2 by a long shot.  The fact that you've read the divine comedy is a strike against Dante's Inferno. "
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mass effect 2

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Wow. Why have you played through it four or five times if its so bad. 

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gun to the head bioshock 2

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@ooofafa said:
"mass effect 2 "

@AnimalFather said:
"neither...  gun to the head bioshock 2 "

thanks guys...real helpful 
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@Canberra said:
"  the fraud level is complete butt garbage
Oh god, yes 
Stay 8 seconds in the air !!! WTF does that have to do with simony or whatever . . .
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Bioshock 2 is the easy choice to make.

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neither, look back to last year and buy something good.

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Of those two games, Bioshock 2 is clearly the superior choice.

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Bioshock 2

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You should choose BioShock 2.

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havent played dantes, but was not surprised at all by bioshock 2 (i had low expectations) the action can be entertaining but its just constant action it can get tedious. I felt like there was no story at all. Its a simple  plot that can be summarized in under 10 words. It has NONE of the magic of the first game. There werent any memorable scares, like the dentist's office in the first (even though im glad i didnt get scared this time around:P ) but still. that game had nothing special at all. The multiplayer is hectic and kind of broken. Someone who is rank 33 (and hass all the unlockable items) ends up in games with ranks of 6 or 7. It can be frustrating and just plain dumb. Also the multiplayer freezes a ton. Ive played the multiplayer maybe 5 times and it froze on me 3 of the times. No other game freezes on my 360, except for this MP. 
I dont feel it is worth all the money. I traded in three games i dont play anymore for it, so technically it was free for me but still. Not really worth the time nor the effort. The levels are very linear, there is no excitement to the game this time around. And its pretty much an easy game (I only played it on Medium however). Basically if youre a fan of the first i think you will agree with me when i say the second did not need to exist. Honestly, i want to write a review for this game, but probably wont. I would give it a 3/5 stars. Its worth a rent for the gameplay alone, but besides that, stay away.
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well, if you didn't hate bioshock 1, then I would recommend bioshock 2 rather then Dante's Inferno, but both games will provide lots of fun!

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There's a comparison between Bioshock 2 and Dante's inferno! Get Bioshock 2.

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I've only played dantes inferno of these 2. I cant recommend it, while it is fun, its not great and there are better games.  Knowing about the literature will only offend you if your a purest with no soul, creativity, focus to much on a bad adaptation as some are apt to do. Baring that in mind this game is Dantes Inferno by name alone, its pretty far removed from the literature it is basing off of, and the stuff with virgil felt pointless because of the way they handled it. 
Just my opinoin, and I love playing the game, but its not recommendable because I know i like cheesy movies and games so... ya.
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Bioshock 2 is the far and away the better game, plus Dante only takes around 7 hours to finish with pretty much no replay value..

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I've heard a lot more middling things about Dante's Inferno. I have heard many good things about Bioshock 2. Plus man... IT'S RAPTURE! Best setting ever?

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Bioshock 1 is my Fav. game ever. Bioshock 2 is dissapointing.

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Bioshock 2 for sure :)
Plus the multi-player is not all that bad.

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@Bobby_The_Great said:
" Bioshock 2, easily. "
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Buy the pedo simulator.