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I bought BioShock Infinite and now have Steam copies of the original BioShock as well as X-COM. I already own them, so I figure I'll give 'em out here.

PLEASE only ask for a code if you actually really want the game, and of course have a PC that's at least somewhat capable. Basically, don't just take a game purely because it's free. Thanks!

I was thinking that this may be a somewhat common situation since every outlet in existence seems to be giving away games for Infinite pre-orders, so if anyone else would like to use this thread to give away their extra copies as well, feel free.

...Yay for games? Yeah, that'll do.

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I really want XCOM and I have a PC capable of running. I've played the demo on Steam multiple times. I would be forever grateful if I could get that extra copy.

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I'll take some BioShock! :D <3


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Weird, it seems that my thread isn't showing up on the forums page. Uhhhh, okay.

@plasmabeam44: How did you even find this? Send me a friend request on Steam (JJWeatherman) and I'll send you XCOM.

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@joey: Wait, you found it, too. Maybe it's an issue on my end. Anyway, send me a friend request on Steam and I'll send it!

I guess that's it for me, but perhaps others can keep this strange ghost of a thread going.

Edit: Seems to be on the main page now. Giant Bomb be crazy.

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@jjweatherman: Will do! My Steam name is spiceninja, expect a request soon.

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Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

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@joey said:

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!


You're welcome. BioShock's still pretty good. Played through it for the first time not too long ago.

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I was really excited when I heard about this deal until I found out it had to be on PC, since I'm a Mac/PS3 guy. Still, at least I could still get the original Bioshock on PSN, along with Bioshock 2 from PS+ I've only had to pay for one of the games in this series and now I have them all to experience for the first time at once.

Excited for this week/weekend.

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I've also got xcom and bioshock to give away if anyone else is interested? I may also have a Civ5 code that came with my xcom order back in the day but I threw that into steam when I already had it so i'm not sure if that's 'used' it or not... pm me if you're interested and I'll try to get back to you soonish

Edit: all gone

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I will heart anyone for X-Com (Steam name same as GB name)

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Just putting it out there, I'd gladly grab an xcom code ;)

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If anyone has a spare copy of Bioshock, i'll take it. My Steam name is the same as the one I have here.