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It's Black Friday season again, and I've pretty much decided on two games I want to get: Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Gamefly and L.A. Noire: Complete Edition at Wal-Mart. Both are about $10, but I don't have that much money to get both. I've heard there are some gameplay issues with the bosses in Deus Ex, but otherwise it's good in terms of the stealth mechanics. And, yes: I know about the dumb ending choices - not what they are, but that they exist. As for L.A. Noire, I've heard the gameplay outside of detective work (i.e. shooting, driving around L.A.) is not as good, but the story is pretty good. Then again, I fear I'll constantly say "Hey, there's that person from Mad Men. That's weird."

So, does anyone know any major positives for one game that trumps the other game? I know these games are completely different, but I'd just like to know what to expect from each game.

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They're both pretty fantastic...but you should get Deus Ex. Aside from the bosses, I think you'll find the moment to moment action more entertaining and engaging.

LA Noire is great as well, but it's more the sort of thing that you just appreciate for its innovation and non-traditional structure. The actual gameplay can be a bit mundane at times.

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i really enjoyed both, with a slight edge to deus ex. my simple advice would be- figure out what setting appeals most to you- cyber punk with ambient electronic tunes, or hardboiled noire with jazz standards. my personal predilections fall for the sci-fi- so gun to my head i would recommend deus ex.

also, on a purely anecdotal basis- i was DONE with l.a. noire when i finished. it kind of outstayed it's welcome. whereas with deus ex, i didn't jump into a second playthrough, but i can very easily see myself replaying that someday soon.

i should also add- neither of the major flaws in either game are deal-breakers. you'll get through deus ex's bosses fine, and i mostly main-lined through l.a. noire because the periphery is mostly unremarkable (especially if you've played other rockstar games).

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I have both on steam. LA Noire was a MAJOR disappointment for me. I very much enjoyed Deus Ex.

So Deus Ex.

People complain about the Boss Fights on Deus Ex if you spec for stealth, but i was able to use stealth to defeat them. Its a good modernization of the original Deus Ex and the story is OK.

LA Noire's gameplay is really contrived. The way you solve puzzles, which repeat the EXACT same way over and over, is by walking around and waiting for an audio clue. You just pick up everything and look at it and hear him talk, thats it. You interview people and the facial animations are really good. The interrogations are the most interesting part, but theyre usually given away by a bit of hammy voice acting. The shooting in the game is in the GTA4 style, so not great. The chase scenes are boring and annoying. LA Noire also has zero replayability.

If i was you I wouldn't spend your money on a facial animation simulator. Deus Ex is a well balanced game with really fun mechanics. It's a no brainer for me.

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LA, enjoyed both but out of the 2 go with LA

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@Rxanadu: You could also spend a little more and get XCOM or Dishonored for $25 each at Walmart. Two awesome games.

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LA Noire's pretty great. Should play that.

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Deus Ex is better, by like a lot. You should get that.

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Deus Ex, no question. LA Noire has cool ideas, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

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I feel like, compared on their flaws alone, DX:HR stands well above LA Noire.

Human Revolution's excellent stealth gameplay, coupled with a huge well-realized world more than makes up for the incongruous boss fights (the difficulty of these is often way overrated) and slightly underwhelming ending.

LA Noire had a ton of awesome ideas but I don't feel like most of them were fully-realized and the open world felt like GTA if GTA wasn't fun and you couldn't do anything.

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Deus Ex is certainly the better game, despite the abismal boss fights. Those boss fights did almost ruin the game for me though, so be prepared for that possibility. They are unforgivable.

LA Noire I just found boring. An interesting game to be sure, but boring. I finished the first disc, and had no inclination to complete the whole game.

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I think I'll just get Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

I've always wanted to go through a Deus Ex game, but I never got past the second portion of Chicago (or at least the area with the night club) in the original game; Invisible War was just lackluster. I know Dishonored and Mark of the Ninja are probably better games for playing stealth, but I don't have money for that right now (and I feel like Mark of the Ninja will be in an upcoming Humble Bundle anyway - which is how I got about 85% of my Steam games).

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@Rxanadu: LA Noire is a phenomenal piece of shit. Mark of the Ninja is a fantastic game that everyone should play. DX:HR is kind of middle-of-the-road-ish. Part of me wants to get it again for the PC, but then another part of me reminds me of the plot.

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If you're looking for story, L.A. Noire is fantastic. If you want good gameplay you should get Deus Ex. But if you can, get both.

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Tough choice, both are great games, so... fucking get both!! :D

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deus ex.

LA noire sorta falls over itself in the last 1/3rd of the game.

deus ex HR is a fantastic unique experience where you can solve things anyway you want (to a reasonable degree). my brother played through trying to stealth but he was awful at it so then he'd just gun anyone down that spotted him. my i took the more cautious approach and mostly didnt kill anyone and stealthed the whole time. (though i killed some guys i KNEW were bad news, cus screw those guys) theres also usually like a bunch of ways t complete your goal, hacking the doors, sneaking around, shooting your way through, ect. so thats pretty awesome.

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LA Noire is a terrible game; great idea though, but terrible game. Deus Ex HR is pretty good.

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Deus Ex Human Revolution hands down. I got the PC version and it's awesome. What version of the game are you getting? I've played both the xbox and PC version.

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Both are sitting in my backlog so I can't speak for how they play, but of the two I think I'm going to try LA Noir before I get around to Dues Ex. Looks more interesting of the two.

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Deus Ex. LA Noire relies on gimmicks and the main arc has too many problems. Human Revolution is pretty fantastic and it doesn't have the problems with playing stealthy without killing that Dishonored had.

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Both are fantastic , but I'd get Dues Ex : HR .

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Los Angeles Noire

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Deus Ex.

...all right, I haven't played LA Noire, but I still say Deus Ex.

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Deus Ex would be my choice.

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Really loved LA Noire, great characters, story, music and some mind blowing facial technology.

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As much as I like LA Noire, Deus Ex is probably more replayable.

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I had a lot of fun with Deus Ex. LA Noire was one of the worst games I played in 2011. The best thing that LA Noire has going for it is that there's little else like it on the market. Otherwise, the cases are repetitive and the story is told with more than a few logical gaps.

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L.A. Noire is a great game, but you have to really use your mental faculties, and think like a detective. Look at every crime scene, find evidence, and then interrogate suspects. It's an adventure game, and a really good one.

However, I think I would go with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The gameplay is great, and the Conspiracy story plot is really twisty. Also, you get to choose how you want to develop your character. A stealth expert, a weapon expert, a hacking expert, or a mix of all three.

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Do you want to literally play and create your own scenarios within a great futuristic atmosphere, or do you want an interactive movie within a great crime atmosphere?

It depends on whether you like video games for a story or whether you want to do shit so amazing you're gonna shout when you pull it off. To me games are about gameplay, and Human Revolution delivered miraculously in that department, whereas I got sick of waiting for chimes to tap the 'investigate' button 3 hours into L.A. Noire

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If you can't afford to spend $20 on entertainment why would you spend the $10 (or what little you have) on video games?

anyway i'v only played LA Noire and enjoyed it, fun to play but nothing amazing like red dead or gta

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I have both on Steam, I gotta say I really liked Deus Ex. LA Noire investigations and interrogation portions are pretty vague.

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I haven't played LA Noire but I love the hell out of Human Revolution so I'll say that.

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Deus Ex:HR easily. LA Noire is good but it's much more flawed in key ways than Deus Ex is. Also, Deus Ex also has great playability.

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LA Noire is horrible. Anything but that.