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I have been playing with the idea for a while and seeing others trying to get meetups going in light of tragic events, I figured I would go ahead and see if anyone wanted to meet up in Blacksburg Virginia. I had been holding off in hopes of getting a meetup set up with @Rorie as I believe he visits Virginia Tech from time to time though I could be wrong. If there is anyone in the area that wants to meet up post here and see what we can get rolling.

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@cannonballbam: @jnal: Alas, I haven't been back to Blacksburg in a long time. Not sure I've been back since I graduated, honestly. But good luck with the meetup!

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@rorie: Thanks Rorie! That sucks I was planning on bringing my dog over to get a patented pet from you. He loves them. Anyway you and the crew hang in there, I'm just a guy on the internet. You guys were his true friends and that photo of Ryan and you put me over the edge.