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The Giant Bomb community suffered one of its most profound losses since the inception of the website and community as a whole. Sure, we've had people move on to other sites or different parts of the country, but nothing like this. Almost a week ago, we lost Ryan Davis. My heart goes out to his family, his newly married wife, and his friends. I'm sure Jeff is taking this especially hard.

I never had the privilege to ever meet the man. Yet, he always came across to me as a consummate gentleman and over all nice guy. The kind of guy you'd want to play a game with and invite to a cook-out with all your friends. He was more than just the host of all our live shows. He was the franchise's ultimate ambassador back when it was Whiskey Media. You honestly felt his love for games, comics, tech, movies, and even anime. A true man without borders.

I held off on writing his post, becasue I wanted to collect my thoughts. Strange how the death of a person you've never met could be so impactful. Though, I think that just speaks to the kind of man he was. I spent the last day or so absorbed in many of his older videos that had been gracing the front page since his passing. This is how I want to remember him. Sitting in the host chair, laughing that infectious chuckle, and sharing his life with us. Thanks, Ryan.

I honestly can't think of a better way to end such a post than to add to it a special video that was taken at the end of one of the Live Shows a few years back and some photos from that show. A job well done, Ryan. Rest in peace, Duder.

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I wouldn't say "Bless Ryan Davis", I'd say we were blessed to spend a little bit of life with Ryan Davis; we were truly the blessed ones.

Good post though, very touching.