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those are creepy, especially that ryan one. its like he's frozen in time but not and its all like aahhhh im stuck int his time freezing orb but my arms are free and im trying to warn you, but he's still stuck and his lifeless eyes are staring right into your soul.

wtf man, wtf!

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Tony's cowl is amazing. And who is the dude behind him in the second picture? Is it one of he newer interns?

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These are so fucking creepy! Great work!

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that is creepy

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@TheAdmin said:

Simply stunning.

Bravo, good sir.

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These are great! i'm into it.

@AlexW00d: Intern Perry i believe.

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@Sin4profit said:

These are great! i'm into it.

@AlexW00d: Intern Perry i believe.

You are correct sir!

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These are great.

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Masking is a cool feature found in many video editing programs.

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This is madness!

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@TheAdmin said:

Stare as his shoulders and your mind will break in half.

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Yes yes yes

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that is some creepy shit but also very very awesome

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100% behind this.

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WHY? (good work though)

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These are awesome!

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I need norm eating the egg. Guess I'lll go download the BLLSL

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@sirdesmond said:

@TheAdmin said:

Simply stunning.

Bravo, good sir.

It looks like his hands are someone else's hands and now I can't sleep tonight.

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As much as I love the one with Ryan, I vote Alex's is the best. It's like some kind of purgatory where everyone agrees with him, but doesn't talk or move.

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I...I never ask-...

I can't finish.

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Some of them - especially the one with Alex - looks kinda like how the taxidermist in that Heavy Rain dlc would probably interact with his "work".

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My brain, it is asploding. Awesome!

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So awesome.

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@amorbis said:

As much as I love the one with Ryan, I vote Alex's is the best. It's like some kind of purgatory where everyone agrees with him, but doesn't talk or move.

That's a fantastic description.

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Dreamcast one is great.

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Wow that Ryan one took a few seconds for my brain to register what the hell was happening.

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God damn i love this website....

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Oh God, that sent such an odd chill down my spine. I feel like I need a shower... but to be fair, I actually do need a shower.

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Can anyone tell what Sara is saying? I can't read lips.

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This is some awesome creepiness. Or creepy awesomeness.

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Ryan's eyes stare into my soul.

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This is how I imagine Alex in New York. Sitting around watching a bad movie, commenting on it to cardboard cutouts of Jeff and Patrick.

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hahhahahahah amazing, god the Ryan gif is soooo creepy! :O

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It's so creepy, yet I can't turn away.

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You need to make more of theese right now!!

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Wow, that's pretty spiffy!

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Love these! There should be a longer delay, creep people out when they think it's just a pic and then it starts to move!

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lol at the first one, wow

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I don't have the skills to do this....could we get Will's lock pick face put on anything he did...

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This + VidRhythm. Now there's a nightmare factory waiting to happen.

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Well. that's pretty effin' cool. The Lady Flash one could actually make sense if you think about it.

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Wow so creepy. Well done sir.

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Allow me add something original and say:
Creepy shit.

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I'm at a loss for words.

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