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Subtle references.

It's been almost two weeks since I've updated here, and while there are other things I could be doing, I feel bad for not keeping up, time's been moving way too fast, especially with so much stuff happening. Also, I wanted my blog title to have an obvious LCD Soundsystem reference despite the fact that I'm listening to Weezer's Pinkerton while I'm writing this, so yeah, there's that. Games!

I updated my PS3 hard drive and recovered my stuff, finally. The new cradle from eBay did the trick, and luckily, with re-formatting, the hard drive works like a charm. I still have 200 GB left over, and I can't wait to mindlessly fill that up with Playstation Plus goodies in the future.

That being said...I've been playing my Vita about 90 percent of the time. During week-days, I typically don't get to touch my consoles, my afternoons normally consist of homework, reading stuff online, exercising, eating, hanging out with family, etc. I don't really find the time to play my PS3, and that's why the Vita is so convenient to me right now. I can play it on the couch downstairs (my PS3 and 360 are in my room), and I can also play it on the bus for half an hour before and after school. It's been a month since I got it and I seriously love this thing, though I find that I'm gonna need a bigger memory card to download some of the games that I want to play later, though...I'm not gonna go through with spending 100 bucks for 32 GB of memory right now. Don't get me wrong, 32 GB is fine for what I want to use that system for,'s 100 dollars. Come on.

That said, I have a lot of games on my Vita already! Now, you're probably squinting your eyes in confusion as to how I have games on my Vita, but I'm going to post a picture of my Vita home screen for proof.

Now, before you say "I can play most of those games elsewhere," again, the Vita has been so convenient and flexible to how my life is right now, so I actually prefer playing 3rd party games like Plants vs. Zombies and Retro City Rampage on my Vita. Both of which were free on Playstation Plus, which is great. I didn't expect to like Retro City Rampage with the mediocre scores it's been getting, and that I'm a little tired of every game going for the "retro" look, but RCR pulls it off so well, and I think it's pretty funny so far. Then again, I'm only a few missions in, so I'll see how it holds up. As for Plants vs.'s Plants vs. Zombies. You can tilt the Vita to collect the sunlight, so it ends up being a lot easier. But it's still Plants vs. Zombies.

My girlfriend also bought me Lumines (along with a majority of the things I'm talking about, anyway) last week and it's pretty awesome. Once you start playing, it's easy to get hooked. Especially when I'm trying to beat people on my friends list. And the music on it is pretty great.

But out of all those games, the one I'm playing the most is Persona 4 Golden. I decided to take a break from Persona 3 Portable to play Golden, and holy shit. Persona 4 Golden is really good. They made a better, more polished game, with awesome additions. The new "social" situations are good so far, and the actual combat is just a lot more fun to play, and it all looks great. It's so good.

Not much else other than that, I have a lot of games that I need to get back to eventually, like Mass Effect 3 and Psychonauts. I have too many games...and I want more! I want to finish the Sly Cooper Collection and then get the new Sly Cooper, and get that new Bit.Trip Runner game when it comes out on Vita later this year. Yeah, games! On the Vita! But seriously, with developers saying stuff like this, it gives me a bit of hope that people will support that system more. It's a great piece of hardware, it just needs more games (and a price drop.)

Maybe E3...

(Check out this blog that I setup containing all the articles that I've written for school!)

Yeah, that's it. Thanks for reading!

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i WANNA play Persona 4 Golden but $300 for 1 game is holding me back, NOTHING else on the Vita even gets my interest.

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Well, we all have our tastes in games, and the Vita satisifies what I want out of a handheld.