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I had totally forgot about the gamespy server browser until today. What other gaming related services were popular back in the day, but suffered from a sharp dropoff and went forgotten?

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MSN Gaming Zone.

Ah, the days of playing Age of Empires on a 56k modem.

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@jimmyfenix: I just watched that whole god damned video, thank you for making me stupider.

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uh .. i cant think of anything that was decent

QSPY (precursor to gamespy)

does kongregate count or do ppl still use that ?

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Apply C4 to forehead... BOOM!

Simple, done, next.

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Yeah, that's right. I went there.

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The only online service I can think of that's basically dead now is Capcom NET or whatever it was called. It was the online service used in Auto Modellista to play online on the PS2. It was poop from a butt.

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Fuckin' Psi-Ops was so rad.

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@jimmyfenix: Are you kidding? I never forgot about that.

@bemusedchunk: Quakenet IRC is still alive and kicking, in fact a bunch of us PC duders have a channel on there.

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Alucard spelled backwords is Dracula.

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If 2+2=4, and 4+4=8, then who was phone?

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More Psi-Ops please!
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Played Doom on a 14.4k modem on D.W.A.N.G.O.

Was actually my first or second PC upgrade ever, went from a 9600 baud modem (which only allowed me to chat) to 14.4k to play.

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Anyone remember Darkspore?

My friends and I actually played a ton of Darkspore this spring/summer (after Diablo III came out and failed to deliver). Game's fun for what it is, which is a cut-rate Diablo clone with a few interesting gimmicks.
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MSN Gaming Zone.

Ah, the days of playing Age of Empires on a 56k modem.

Played so much Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 on that. Also, MPlayer and Heat.net went bye bye back then as well.. used to play so much on those things..

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@Zomgfruitbunnies: Gaming Zone was the first thing I thought of. Played Jedi Knight, Outlaws, and Quake on it quite a bit.

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Well the 5 in Deadmau5 is actually an S so it's pronounced Deadmaus and not Deadmaufive

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TEN. I was so disappointed when the TEN website became a porn hub after the service went under/turned into Pogo.

Also, looking up TEN just now, I am reminded that WarHeads SE was a game. A goddamn awesome one, at that.

Also also: INN (ImagiNation Network).

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There's a website that was fucking FULL of all kinds of PC game demos I used to frequent in my youth. It was named something obvious, but I can't remember exactly what. Black backgroud with purple font and a fat list of PC game demos.

I wonder what happened to it. Not enough to search for it though. :P