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"The team behind Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, God of War Collection, ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, and the PlayStation Vita port of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale says it is"currently bringing a Sony classic to current game systems." That's our cue to freak out and list every possible game we'd like to see receive such a treatment. And ... go!

Bluepoint Games also states that the studio is "teaming [its] technical expertise with an industry leading developer on a next-gen, blockbuster franchise."


What classic sony game will be getting the HD treatment on current gen but is also working on a next gen title?

I want a Dark cloud HD collection then a new Dark cloud game on PS4

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I really want Crash. Since I started gaming later than most, I completely missed the Nintendo and Genesis era. The first game I owned for myself and played for hours on end was Crash Bandicoot. No idea if it still holds up in this day and age, but a Crash HD Collection would be an instant buy for me.

Unfortunately since last I heard Activision was in control of the franchise, it might be an unlikely candidate. :(

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Never played the Dark Cloud games but if they were to release a HD collection of those that would be cool to get into. Ape Escape or Ratchet and Clank might be the next franchises to get a HD collection as I really can't think of any other Sony franchise that hasn't done so already.

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@cold_wolven: Ape escape could be the HD releases but they are rumors that Sony might reboot the syphon filter series for ps4 aswell.

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Onimusha and

Onimusha or mark of kri or klonoa 2

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Pretty much all of Sony's big franchises have gotten the HD treatment, so I'm slightly puzzled as to what it can be. If their track record is anything to go by I'm betting that "next gen" thing is just a Vita port (Or Spinoff) of a bigger game.

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