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LATEST EPISODE HERE FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE: http://misc.nyx.me/podcastgen/?p=episode&name=2014-01-28_final3.mp3

Welcome back everyone for another episode of your favorite video game podcast about...Birdo? Besides Birdo, Ackbar returns with tales of being a zombie in a movie that totally isn't a rip off of The Last of Us, Ghostiet comes back to the podcast with harrowing tales of a rouge-like filled week of games, Nyx discusses incest as he usually does as well as discussing Lost Oddessy, Arclight continues to wad through the rest of the crew's inane bullshit with his thoughts on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Lastly, Phatmac's addiction to Dota 2 may have finally died down...but a new one has emerged with Hearthstone. We also hit other strange topics like zombie lore, Marvel comic books, how fucking weird Iron Man 3 is, why Baby Mario sucks, Ackbar traveling through time on the internet, Ghost playing games while on the podcast, Phatmac's hatred of Indiana Jones 4, terrifying mario, and of course gaping old man buttholes. Enjoy...?

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I'm with Jeff...Yoshi's Island is a bad game.