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Listen here: http://misc.nyx.me/podcastgen/?p=episode&name=2014-03-10_bombs_launched_3-9-14.mp3

Ghostiet went down a deep dark hole of horrifying games while the rest of us spectated from above. Luckily @reddenblack brought us some joy with his journey through South Park: The Stick of Truth. @believer258 joins us with some JRPG talk with Ni No Kuni. Lastly, @phatmac joins Ghostiet with depressing discussion of The Walking Dead Season 2 episode 2. We also discussed both Jack Treton and Amy Henning's departure. We also talked about how bad of a idea a indiegogo for Shack Fu 2 is. Don't spend actual money on that.

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The position expressed by Phatmac regarding Shaq Fu is wrong. Do spend actual money on it.

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Don't spend money on Shaq Fu 2.