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Brad not very good at games on tv, why he in journlism if he cnan't play games while n tv? fin me proof

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*hopes for troll*

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Good video gamer doesn't mean good writer.

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alright, thats it, everybody start a thread that has an editor's name as the title...let's keep this going.

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@ick_bop: You are very clever dude. Congratulaions!

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Where are Jeff, Ryan and Vinny threads?

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@DarthOrange: for a given value of good, and generally the value of good that people who post threads like these, it means good gamer, horrible writer,person,hygiene.I lived with a guy in college who didnt do anything but play MW2 all day every day, he was stunningly good at it, he had horrible hygiene,personality and failed all his exams because he didnt turn up for class at all.

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I actually started my thread because i had a question, and it got answered in the next post. People just went crazy though.

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cnan't n journlism eh?

Pretty much all I need to know.

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@DarthOrange said:

Good video gamer doesn't mean good writer.

Clearly, the guy who started this topic is neither.

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@Alex: You want a thread? You just have to ask and someone would make one.

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You did a better drunk thread than Sweep would ever do. Bravo. I guess.

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Check the pudding. There you will find your proof.

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@Alex said:


80 posts and you grace this man with your presence?

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Erm, yep. This is a thread alright.