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Firstly, CrackHammer has just been coined by me, so all you FILTHLY half breeds that only just realised how awesome that play on words is CANT CLAIM...

..anyways, ive been a long time fan (stalker) of you guys and i was wondering if WarHammer Online was going to get a review. I would assume it WOULD because Carrie has worked on the game and its going to be a good source of incom.. ughhhmmmm.... Enjoyment for me, and i would like to know what you guys think of it.

So obviously my first choice would be Brad, afterall he would be considered the MMO Buff out of the 4.. but would he? WOULD HE RETURN TO HIS ADDICTION? would he spend a hard month playing the game and then review it for a solid idea of how the game shapes up?

Im sure Ryan and Jeff could review warhammer also, they both seemed to enjoy AoC with what time they spent playing it (a weekend..... >_>)

Also i would like it if the Reviewer included what Energy Drink went best with his CrackHammer experience.. this above all is of the most importance.. will help me in my quest for gold immensely

bbl Farming

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I can't tell if this is serious or not.

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perhaps you are sleepy? take some fish oil tablets.. it helps me keep my mind racing when i am killing Swamp Rats in the Catacombs

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It is definitely his kind of game

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I'm sure you don't need a review to justify a game you are already chained to.

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@Spence_5060 said:

It is definitely his kind of game

You should necro more threads.