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#1 Edited by themangalist (1861 posts) -

Brian Ekberg, the sports editor of Gamespot, is leaving after 6 years of service, and had worked side-by-side with Jeff, Ryan, Brad, and Vinny for quite some time. He has not revealed where he's going next, but he says he's staying in the industry. 
So any guesses where he's going? Would he come to Giantbomb or... anyone actually cares? 
EDIT: They did a farewell video on their show "On the Spot". Such a tear jerking moment.

#2 Edited by NathHaw (2849 posts) -

I hope wherever he goes, his hair comes with him.  I loved that dude. 
...and I must remind myself of beardwatch!

#3 Posted by RE_Player1 (7982 posts) -

Gamespot is still around?

#4 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

GB needs sports on the editorial side.

#5 Posted by Crono11 (1659 posts) -

I love the Mechberg

#6 Posted by trophyhunter (6039 posts) -

ehh I was cool when he looked exactly like sam fisher

#7 Posted by Thor (29 posts) -
@Dany said:
" GB needs sports on the editorial side. "
I wouldn't mind seeing a good sports dude at the site. You can do worse than Brian Ekberg by far.
#8 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

I care, since that means there's an open position for...fuck, it's sports editor. I think my last blog proved how little I know about sports.

#9 Posted by nick_verissimo (1442 posts) -

Admittedly, as much as I liked him while I visited Gamespot, I really haven't taken the time to follow him since Giant Bomb started up.  Still wouldn't hate it if for some reason he was helping to start up some type of whiskey media sports site. 

#10 Posted by demonbear (1934 posts) -
@Dany said:
" GB needs sports on the editorial side. "
Indeed, it is Giantbomb's weakness imo
#11 Posted by Pazy (2707 posts) -

Mechberg! Though I always liked him I sort of hope he dosent come to Giant Bomb because I dont have any care for sports content.

#12 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2223 posts) -

I guess I liked him enough at Gamespot and did enjoy watching when he did the sports stuff for Gamespot's "On The Spot".  But once the 4 plus Alex, Rorie and others left Gamespot, I kind of stopped going to their main site totally.  I only use their forums occasionally.

#13 Posted by Cynical_M (387 posts) -

I'd love to see a sports guy on the staff.

#14 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3634 posts) -

Beardwatch ! 
Anyway, I wouldn't mind him doing sports stuff for giantbomb, that would be pretty cool

#15 Posted by NTM (8802 posts) -

Don't care.
#16 Posted by Lemoncookie01 (1663 posts) -
@RE_Player92 said:
" Gamespot is still around? "
#17 Posted by TooWalrus (13360 posts) -

I like Brian quite a bit, I don't visit Gamespot much any more, so I haven't seem much of him lately. The fact that he's leaving doesn't really bother me, in fact, I hope he moves onto something better. Here's hopin' we hear what he's up to real soon.

#18 Posted by zyn (2765 posts) -

Brian is awesome.  I wish him the best in his future endeavors.

#19 Posted by RTSlord (1233 posts) -

I care. Brian's a pretty cool dude and i hope we hear some good news from where hes off to/what he's up to. I think itd be pretty cool if he came over to GB, we really dont a sports editor
#20 Edited by Impossibilium (680 posts) -

I only care if he joins GB or a sports-themed Whiskey Media site, I don't have the energy to read any other gaming sites that often.
"the new job probably won't come as much of a surprise to anyone who knows me and my gaming preferences."
Maybe he's joining EA.

#21 Posted by jakob187 (22609 posts) -

Hope Brian is going to much greener pastures.

#22 Posted by Deusoma (3219 posts) -
@Tommy_Wiseau said:
" Fuck you OP. "
Do you need a hug? :3
#23 Posted by papercut (3942 posts) -

Love ya Brian. Here's to the off chance that he comes to GB and we get some sports game reviews. Probably not. 

#24 Posted by themangalist (1861 posts) -
@Tommy_Wiseau said:
" Fuck you OP. "
should i feel offended by random internet hate? if i am, should i press the "flag" button?
or do you just hate Ekberg a little too much to hate me too?
#25 Edited by thedj93 (1261 posts) -
@Deusoma said:

" @Tommy_Wiseau said:

" Fuck you OP. "
Do you need a hug? :3 "
otherwise... I don't know if Giantbomb needs any more writers, especially one that would specialize mostly in sports, but I would not be opposed to copious amounts of lulz on the podcast in the near future...right?
#26 Posted by ozzdog12 (1007 posts) -

Gamespot is still around?

#27 Posted by Manhattan_Project (2245 posts) -


#28 Posted by jorbear (2570 posts) -

I think a sports editor would be nice here at Giantbomb. But I don't think the site really needs one.

#29 Posted by warxsnake (2720 posts) -
@RE_Player92 said:
" Gamespot is still around? "
#30 Edited by Redbullet685 (6322 posts) -

Lets get him all up in this joint. It would be pretty cool if he joined the crew.
This guy on Gamespot is crazy- 
Johny300 said- "Good bye brian and please go to ign because gamespot and ign are the best sites for gaming."
Someone hasn't discovered This masterpiece of a site.

#31 Posted by bacongames (3966 posts) -

Brian was really good at his job and has the experience to do well wherever he goes.
Why do people want to make big deals out of people leaving GameSpot?  Are they that hungry for making excuses to bring GameSpot on these forums again?  I love GameSpot's staff and reviews and use them quite often for what they're worth which is news and reviews.  I still know 90% of the staff there and they deserve all the credit in the world but for fuck's sake who cares?

#32 Posted by TomA (2787 posts) -

Gamespot sucks my balls ever since Rich left, but i love Brian, now that he's gone, I can't think of a single person who I care about there at all.

#33 Posted by Falconer (1948 posts) -

That was a great video piece they put together for him. Tor and Homer are still awesome, and were total goofs during his goodbye. Also, he said he's getting out of journalism, but staying in the video game business (so looks like he'll be joining a sports game development/production team).

#34 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

I always liked him. Wouldn't mind if he came here to GB. The site needs a resident sport reviewer.

#35 Posted by ch3burashka (6088 posts) -

He is by far my favorite Gamespot "celebrity". I wish him the best... meaning I want him to get his ass to the Giant Bomb. That would be a fucking awesome Bombcast.

#36 Posted by TonicBH (336 posts) -

I may not visit GameSpot regularly anymore, I do feel it's almost the end of classic GS if it hasn't already. Who from pre-Gerstmann fiasco is even there anymore? Giancarlo Varanini? I saw a staff video and only recognized about 3-4 people. The rest were a bunch of unknowns. :(

#37 Posted by RE_Player1 (7982 posts) -
@warxsnake said:
" @RE_Player92 said:
" Gamespot is still around? "
Cool, puts a smile on my face :)
#38 Posted by ArbitraryWater (13854 posts) -
@Dany said:
" GB needs sports on the editorial side. "
Not to mention RPGs. But my ranting about some major holes in GB's coverage is another topic for another time.
Eckberg wasn't one of my favorite editors, but he's yet another individual from the gamespot of years past to leave. Who's left at this point? Ryan McDonald? Ricardo Torres? As if that place couldn't get any more depressingly lame.
#39 Posted by Mooshu (515 posts) -

GB could hire him, they could use someone who plays sports games.

#40 Posted by CoolDrMoney (2018 posts) -

Ekberg was always very humorous on the HotSpot back in the day. His finale blog post is nice.

#41 Posted by powicewobots (110 posts) -

I don't think that Giant Bomb needs Brian Ekberg; I'm actually glad that they don't care too much about sports games here.

#42 Posted by Hourai (2738 posts) -


#43 Posted by JJWeatherman (14863 posts) -

Good for him. Brian's an awesome dude and he deserves to be somewhere more fun than Gamespot. 
(Come to Giant Bomb Brian!)

#44 Posted by SPACETURTLE (1660 posts) -
@RE_Player92 said:
" Gamespot is still around? "
#45 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1789 posts) -

Ekberg is cool with me. Wish him luck.

#46 Posted by Shadow (5121 posts) -

Someone like him can be useful here since there's no one who gives half a shit about sports games and that's been a large hole in their games coverage so far.

#47 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

He has been around forever. I hope is he going to a much better job. :)

#48 Posted by Zainyboy (129 posts) -

Ekberg was one of the few reasons I still listened to the Gamespot podcast. It would be awesome if he joined these fine fellows at GB, but I may still follow him if he continues to be a writer elsewhere.

#49 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1789 posts) -

Surprised someone hasn't posted this already. 

#50 Posted by ZanzibarBreeze (3207 posts) -

I always liked him when he was on The HotSpot. Am I right in saying that he was the one who tried to defend Greg Rucka on the 2005 episode when they dissed Perfect Dark: Initial Vector?