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I was chatting with this with a friend of mine I went to art school with.... and he replied, "too much uncanny valley" and this coming from a who obsessed about Bruce Lee. But I think it's fun for the novelty.

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I just wish there were MORE ways to capitalize off of dead celebrities. Too bad the plastic instrument game craze died out, so many estates that could have been monetized.

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Some people were kinda angry about it. I guess it hurts the integrity of Bruce Lee? Or the UFC? I'm not sure.

Maybe people don't remember that Shaq was in one of the last 2 UFC games. He was hilariously bad (stats-wise).

I could careless; I don't really have an affinity for Bruce Lee. But I think the game looks really good. Again, a funny thing because it looks very very much like EA MMA (prettier of course now that it's on PS4/XOne) yet people did nothing but hate on that game saying it looked terrible. UFC branding sure helps people see things clearly.

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The UFC's (Danny White and the Fertitta brothers) fascination about Bruce Lee being the godfather of MMA is a little odd at times.

I don't know enough about Bruce Lee to really say, but the stories about the genesis of the UFC (pre-Zuffa) was Rorion Gracie, Art Davie and John Milius putting up a show of different martial arts fighting to figure out which one was the best; no rules. It was the standard "if you put Mohammed Ali against Bruce Lee who would win" kind of idea, but they put a show together. The conception of mixed-martial arts as a single person proficient in all the martial arts is a latter development as things developed and fighters become "well rounded" in order to be competitive. I fear this while Bruce Lee was the original mixed martial artist is retconning.

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Has there been any talk whether this is going to play more like the THQ UFC games or the EA MMA game from a couple years ago? I really enjoyed THQ's UFC but could never get into the EA game.

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