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It looks really wonderful, you can see more about it on the Kickstarter page: Buddy & Me

The game was originally going to be for the iPhone/Pad and Android devices, but they've added the Wii U as a stretch goal. Unfortunately, it looking very likely it won't make it at the moment, with just seven days left. Either way, I thought I'd let people here know about it and see what your thoughts are on it. Plus I just wanted to share it, I want it so badly, I'd love it to meet its goal. ;_;

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This is completely adorable and I'm so sad it won't get funded oh my gosh.

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Man, I hope they turn it around. It sucks to see promising projects like this get no support.

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Oh man what an incredible artstyle. Really hope this gets funded now. I want more cool 2D platformers/runners.

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Looks like a sweet game, a shame it probably won't get funding. Hopefully they can salvage something from the project anyway.

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I'm sure it could reach the goal if the game was able to track John Drake.

But seriously, folks, we need to see more games like this.

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So where does the money come from to get a game like this to the point it is currently? grants? out of pocket?

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The art style looks nice, but I'm really sick of endless runners. Still would be cool to see this funded.

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@killacam said:

So where does the money come from to get a game like this to the point it is currently? grants? out of pocket?

According to the KickStarter page:

Sunbreak Games and its first project Buddy & Me, have been entirely self-funded up until this point. We risked it all to go indie, and to take the time necessary to experiment with original gameplay mechanics and characters that would form the game's foundation. We've come a long way in getting the project to where it is currently, but we need help to successfully finish, and fully realize the game's potential. And if the community is really excited about the project, then we’ll be able to add in all sorts of great things!

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@tycobb: Well that just makes this much more upsetting..

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It's so close to being funded now. I really hope it makes it. I chipped in last night.

Only 9 hours left.

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Woah, this might actually make it. Come on, people, contribute!

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Four hours, $800 to go. Please, please, please, PLEASE. ;_;

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I think its going to make it. :D


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I've made a mental decision to break in my first credit card by throwing $100 at this thing if that's all it needs. I want my first purchase with it to mean something to me.

Edit: so three jerks donated a combined total of $600 when they needed $500 THANKS A LOT FOR SHUTTING ME DOWN AGAIN INTERNET

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Hopefully it'll meet one of the stretch goals. :)

I'm so happy it's met its target.

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