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Im thinking about building a pc, but the thing is that I know nothing aout building one. So the things I need to know is. 1. Can i do it under $800 2. lists of items i need 3. what can of tools i need 4. whats the best graphics card i can get.

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@verbalmedal: What do you want to use it for? What games do you like to play? What size monitor do you have/want? What stores (Amazon, Newegg, etc) can you buy from?

All these things and more determine how viable your price point is.

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Tested has a really good guide. I can't find the one where they built Jeff's computer, but this one seems comparable.


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you will need a hammer, a chisel, a lenght of rope and an vice.

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@Bell_End said:

you will need a hammer, a chisel, a lenght of rope and an vice.

You need 2 hammers. A standard nail driving one and a ball-peen. Hard drives require smooth concave indentations and a ball-peen is the best way of making those.

Also that $800 should be only for the computer. If you don't have a monitor yet (or a decent one), then continue to save your money. Don't let your budget take a $200 hit because you are missing a monitor.

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Don't forget, you can save hella dollars by waiting until Thanksgiving and buying your components on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.