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Bombcast had me reminiscing about Pokemon.... 
Squirtle is the only answer.

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I'm pretty sure there was already a thread about this before, but I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Charmander for life. Real men choose a pokemon that is weak against the first two gym leaders.

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Either you like tree or some flame if you know what I sayin.

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Thread has been made before. 
Also, Charmander.

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Charmander will always be my pick...unless you bring up Pikachu...my other favorite starting Pokemon (Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition) xD

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Charmander d'uh.

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Charmander or bust.

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Pikachu, because you can get all three in Yellow.

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I really don't like the second evolutions of any of the RBY starters, but Charizard suits my taste best.

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Charmander, for never giving a flying fuck that day.

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Bulbasaur, even though Charmander is technically the right answer. He was my first choice when I was a kid.  

Or you could just play Pokemon Yellow and take all of them. That was pretty awesome.

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Charmander, duh.

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I wanted to click squirtle but I was reading your answer and misclicked. 
Charmander is apparently my choice.

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@TurboMan said:
" Bombcast had me reminiscing about Pokemon....  Squirtle is the only answer. "
The rest of you suck. 
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@GlenTennis said:
" I'm pretty sure there was already a thread about this before, but I've said it before and I'll say it again. Charmander for life. Real men choose a pokemon that is weak against the first two gym leaders. "
yeah real men choose a pokemon that turns into a dragon rather than a giant fungus and a turtle on steroids.  Charmander for Life
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Squirtle.  Blastoise is by far the coolest evolution of the three.
Also, thread has been made before etc etc.

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Man now I totally wanna play Pokémon, maybe I'll finish a game for once? Nah.

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Charmander. Because he turns into a Charizard. A dragon. A FUCKING DRAGON

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Charmander. Buds would call me a dumb ass cause Brock and Misty are around the first corner, but if you haven't caught a Nidoran, Pikachu, or Caterpie/Weedle by then then you are obviously doing something wrong.

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Charmander turns into a flying fire breathing dragon  

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I remember making a thread very similar to this a few weeks ago... 

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Start weak, end strong. Why not? Always up for a challenge. So of course I choose Charmander.

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Bulbasaur all the way :)

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This thread reminded me to change my profile pic.

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I've never played a Pokemon game and don't see any in my future. Sucks for me.

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@ShiftyMagician said:
" Charmander, for never giving a flying fuck that day. "
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A gay blue turtle, a retard frog with a flower on it's back or a badass fire-breathing lizard who's tail is perpetually on fire but he bears through the pain without a second glance. Think about it!

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Fire>Water>Grass is how it always works for me. THe grass pokemon will always be shelved because Nintendo thinks that the grass starter should evolve into a fat fuck with shittons of weaknesses and slow speed (GBA gen added ground to the grass Pokemon's final evolution..............can you say SUPER EFFECTIVE?)

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Charmander because he will turn into Charmeleon, and Charmeleon is the key to success.

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@captain_max707 said:
" I remember making a thread very similar to this a few weeks ago...  "
Made me dig up my old Visualboy 
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bulbasaur man. it's just the one that i chose.

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Charmander all the way. 

  • Bulbasour- He is good in the early game against Brock and Misty, but becomes useless later in the game. Then when you need to learn the HM moves, you need to waste a spot on your team for another grass type to learn cut, or lose a good power from your venasour learning the dam HM.
  • Squirtle- He is ok, but again with the HM thing above, but this time surf. 
  • Charmander- He is rough for the first two leaders, but once you get flamethrower and fireblast you can kill pretty much every other gym leader and trainer you meet along the way. I beat the entire game with only my charmander, including the elite four, and a couple back ups that I needed for those dam HM's.

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Charmander, because it was my first Pokemon ever and lasted to lvl 100 (well, as Charizard) and through two games until my Silver cartridge corrupted :(

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NO#1 Pokemon

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Charmander. No question.

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Water pokemon are the best!

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More like bulbasuck, chargayer, and squirt....awesome...... 
So yeah, squirtle.

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Yo, Squirtle. I had Blue.

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Freaking Squirtle. 
How many other Pokémon evolve to a dinosaur with GUNS?!?!?!?!

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I always went with Squirtle.

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Yeah, let's see how all your bitch Charizards do against a Blastoise. Last time I checked, Hydro Pump wrecked your shit seven ways till Sunday. Could just be me, though. 
And nobody give me any shit about Venusaur either, because Blastoise learns fucking Ice Beam and Blizzard. Check. Mate.

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@TurboMan said:
" Squirtle is the only answer. "
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Charmander is my bro for life.

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Bulbasaur. What is wrong with you people

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