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I thought they were both fun, but if you force me to choose.......burnout.

If you can get Bulletstorm on the cheap though - I recommend it, too.

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I've had 1120 MS points sitting around for a while now. All I have to do to pick one of those up is add a small amount more.

I do have some questions, though.


-Is the word "dick" really thrown around that liberally? I can only take so many "I will kill your dick!" like phrases. I can stand plenty of groan-inducing dialog but I do have a point where I don't want to hear it anymore.

-How long is it? Four hours? Six? Eight? And, more importantly, how replayable is it?

-Does it have any sort of split screen multiplayer?

Burnout Paradise:

-Did you ever have any problems not being able to find your way to the finish line? The game doesn't lay out a path for you, which is good for freedom but bad for losing a race just because of an early wrong turn.

-Can I turn off that annoying DJ guy or whatever his name is? More importantly, can I turn off Avril bloody Lavigne permanently?

-Does it have any sort of split screen multiplayer?

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Bulletstorm, because it's in English, apparently.

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@believer258: No splitscreen multiplayer in Burnout paradise. Also you get used to the city after a spending a bunch of time with the game so finding your way around becomes easier.

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You will get more play time out of Burnout. More bang for your buck.

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You'll get more value out of Burnout. It's also a better game, though I did really like Bulletstorm. And I don't understand why everyone hates DJ Atomica. I love that guy.

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Burnout does tell you where to turn by having your car signal lights come on (left signal light indicates go left, and so on). Also the giant street signs at the top flash whichever street to turn onto. Yes you can turn off Avril, or any other song in the game (I was rocking all Classical at one point. The game has Saint-Saens' "The Aquarium" which is one of my alltime favourite piano-based  songs). I'm not sure about the DJ because he says stuff to do with the game (like if a new car has been spotted so you can take it down so you can drive it). It does have turn based multiplayer if you get the party pack DLC, which I think is included with the game of the year edition. 
Just get Burnout. It is one of the best games of this entire console generation. It's much better than a boring FPS that has humour that seems like it's trying too hard.

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In a related decision, should I buy a pencil or a bottle opener?

Both are terrific games. Get what you're really in the mood for. Burnout will last you much longer than Bulletstorm, but Bulletstorm was one of the most fun shooters I've played in a while.

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Basically buy Burnout Paradise and rent Bulletstorm

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Buy Burnout. I bought it a week ago and have dumped 50 hours into it. It has easily become one of my favorite games ever. That's coming from someone who doesn't typically enjoy racing games.

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The right way to play Burnout Paradise is to have Avril Lavigne on repeat. I really can't recommend it if you aren't going to play it that way.

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Burnout must be dirt cheap right now, the amount of content you would get for that price is amazing. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if there are people still playing online, it's one of the most fun games this generation in my opinion.

I didn't play Bulletstorm though

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Burnout is dirt cheap now and easily one of my favorite games.

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Sonic 3

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Can't believe this is up for discussion.... Burnout

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@aurahack said:

In a related decision, should I buy a pencil or a bottle opener?

The pencil, if you're clever you an open bottles with it.

Also Burnout.

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You'll get a lot more value out Burnout Paradise now that is available for $20. I'm not sure what system you have. You can make your own playlist if you have music stored on your hard drive. Here is one of my favorite songs from the game.

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Burnout is you best bet here, you get tons of content for your money and it's a fantastic racing game. Bulletstorm is great too, but you won't get as much out of it.

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@Masha2932 said:

Basically buy Burnout Paradise and rent Bulletstorm

This. Burnout is x100 a longer lasting game. Bulletstorm is mega fun...for about 6 hours. Burnout is the kind of game you'll want to load up again and again.