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So I am trying to decide what game I should start next this summer as I am dipping into some "older" games. My choices are either Bully or Sly Cooper 1. So which do you guys or girls think I should pick and why? Thanks in advance!

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Sly Cooper, then play the rest of the series.

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Bully because I've never played Sly Cooper and Bully is an amazing game.

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Sly Cooper. That series is my favorite of that entire generation.

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Excellent game, excellent story, excellent soundtrack, excellent gameplay feel. You won't regret it.

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They're both pretty good.

I prefer Bully, but you'll need to be in the mood for GTA open world running around without any helicopters or cars exploding.

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Sly Cooper . all of them

If you love platforming , if not then Bully .

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This is tough because both are great games, but I guess that I would say Bully. You really can't go wrong with either, though.

Also, this should be a poll.

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Play a little bit of each game and see which one grabs you.

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Bully. No question.

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Sly Cooper, then play the rest of the series.

Listen to this man.
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I've only played Bully out of the two, and so should you!

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Bully because I've never played Sly Cooper and Bully is an amazing game.

Exactly what I was going to say. Bully's great.

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Bully is better than Sly 1, but Sly 2 is the best.

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Bully is my favorite Rockstar game and given the choice between it and Sly , having played and enjoyed both, I would absolutely go with Bully. Fantastic game.

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Bully's pretty great....

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I love Sony and appreciate the Sly series, but Bully is amazing and should be played by everyone.

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Never played Bully so I have to say Sly Cooper. Also, because it's damn good.

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Bully. It was good then, it's good now. Game is a classic.

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I haven't played Sly Cooper much, but Bully is a mediocre game. I tried for a while to get into it, but it's just not that great.

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Sly Cooper is an incredibly boring series with obnoxious characters and dull gameplay. Bully is the opposite.

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I mostly depends on whether you like linear or non-linear gameplay. Sly is very linear, while Bully isn't. The other Sly games become less linear though, if that matters to you. Personally, I think the straight-forward gameplay of Sly1 is a strength, and I missed it when they opened up the world in the sequels. Sly really is a tightly designed game because of it. I'd recommend it, for that, and also the fact that you can unlock developer commentary on each level after you beat the time attack modes.

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Play Bully everyone needs to play it.

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I love 'em both, but I gotta give it to Bully.

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Definitely Bully. Great story, great characters, amazing soundtrack. The only better rockstar game is red dead redemption.

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Bully is better on its own, but if you are going to play the Sly series, that would be a better choice.

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Whilst I really like both (though Sly 2 is mucho better than Sly 1), Bully wins in a landslide for me.

I'll be playing it for the 5th time (PS2, Wii, 360 and PC -- I'll probably play the PC version) to get ready for Bully 2 when it finally shows up (I'll probably even 100% it yet again, since I have "Vinny Syndrome")...

Right, I'm off to listen to the Bully soundtrack...

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@msavo said:


Sly Cooper, then play the rest of the series.

Listen to this man.


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Sly Cooper. Bully is an extremely overrated game in my opinion.

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Sly Cooper is great, but it's not the best of the Sly series, and playing it isn't necessary to enjoy the others. The Sly HD Collection is fantastic though.

Bully is amazing.

Just get both.