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For me, I'm edging towards playing as an Awoken Warlock, however, an Exo Hunter seems cool too. As far as a Faction goes, currently I have no idea. I think I'll discuss this with a few friends and see which way we go. I wonder how much your choice of Faction will influence your gameplay?

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Human, Hunter, and the FUTURE WAR CULT.

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I'll figure this out then. Warlock, I dunno.

But dammit, I wish you could grow your cape, or make it more bad ass the more you rank up! :D

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The Flood.

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The ones that look like Spartans with capes

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I don't know what they are. Maybe add that info to your original post?

That said, I'm pretty sure there's a guy that can throw magic and stuff, so I want to be him.

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Either Human Hunter or Exo Warlock. Or both.

As for factions...I dunno, I like the names of Dead Orbit and Osiris if those are right.

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I honestly have not paid any attention to races and classes, which is odd for me. I love that sort of thing. But I already know, absolutely, that I will be buying this game so I guess I just haven't done any research beyond the E3 gameplay.

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I don't know any, care to tell the clueless ones what choices there are?

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The Master Chef of course!

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@saxonprince: I'd heard the rumour about a Vanguard class, for me I think they'll just stick with the 3 class types they currently have but who knows, we may see more. I really enjoyed my Vanguard play through of the Mass Effect series, up close and personal. In terms of Factions, the reveal trailer did show something called "Faction Wars" which sounds interesting. I'm sure we'll get more information soon hopefully. I'd like something around faction only trading places where players of the same faction can meet, gamble, trade gear etc.

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There are three races that players can choose, Human, Exo and Awoken.


Bungie has described Humans as “relatable, tough, and uncomplicated”, with inspiration coming from military, sports stars and action movie heroes.


Awoken are “exotic, beautiful, and mysterious”, with inspiration coming from elves, vampires, ghosts and angels.


“Sinister, powerful, and tireless” is Bungie’s description of Exo’s, with inspiration coming from the Master Chief, The Terminator and the undead.

There are three classes that players can choose, Titan, Hunter and Warlock.


Powerful soldiers with mighty weapons and heavy armoured suits make up these super soldiers. Storm Troopers and the Master Chief provided the inspiration for the Titan.


Specialising in recon tactics, combining speed and strength distinguished by their hoods, capes and mainly cloth outfits. Han Solo from Star Wars and characters from Western films influenced the creation of the Hunter.


Combining magic and weapons, distinguished by their rounded helmets and long coat. Jedi Knights and Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings provided the inspiration for these space wizards.

Factions include Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, FOTC, Seven Seraphs, FWC and Osiris.

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Exo Titan, probabl-- wait a second, I don't even plan on getting this game! I swear, you offer me a "Which class and race?" question and I just can't help but figure out which most appeals to me.

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I'm surprise this isn't a poll, but I choose hunter.

I like to hunt down my prey, and rip there skin apart with my blade, then watch them scream in so much pain. I hope I don't sound sadistic.

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I'll wait for more info to determine which faction I choose, if a choice must even be made. I'm probably just going to stick with a Human Titan.

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I'll be an Exo who'd either be a hunter or a warlock, depending on which of the two I spend more time mulling over and whether or not I even get the game. Honestly I didn't even know about the races or classes before looking at this thread.

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@m_33: I spend ages on deciding how my character looks, too much time really. It's a big decision...