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I am trying to decide on which handheld console to buy. What should I focus on when trying to decide between the 3DS and the Vita? If you have played different versions of the 3DS, which was most comfortable? Has the Vita got enough games? How well does the 3DS serve the core demographic? I know this is difficult to answer. Although I am interested in opinions, where would you recommend me to do more research? Thanks in advance. :-)

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For the 3ds you get the XL without a doubt. The vita has some games but not a lot. There seems to be some good ones coming later in the year. I got my vita in today with the free one year subscription to ps plus, so that's nice.

Best games so far are mlb the show 13 if you like baseball, Guacamelee, sound shapes, DOA5 Plus and Persona 4 Golden.

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The 3DS is destroying the Vita right now in terms of games and is a good bit cheaper. I would say get that.

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3DS is great go with the XL and get fire emblem super mario 3D land and animal crossing those are the best ones out right now and they are all amazing fire emblem took over about 3 months of my life.

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I bought a Vita at launch for FFX and because I felt like a manchild with the DS in public transit, tbh. As a general rule I'd say, if you want "console experiences" on a handheld get a Vita, if you want quick fun games with a Nintendo polish get a 3DS.

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Is there anywhere people would recommend me to look for best game lists? Maybe that would help people make a decision.

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You need to look at the games available on each system and pick based on that because there's very little overlap.

I went with Vita mainly because I already had a PS3 and PS+ so it was a no brainer.

Vita games are more to my taste anyway though, Gravity Rush is one of the best games I've played so far this year and most everything else I've played on it has been decent.

The only games I feel like I'm missing out on not having a 3ds are Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and that strategy game that Dave quicklooked months back which I can't remember the name for...

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Is there anywhere people would recommend me to look for best game lists? Maybe that would help people make a decision.

Here's a recent list of Vita games from /vg/, if that helps.

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@rustysanderke: I'd actually disagree with that. The Vita is probably the better handheld for smaller indie releases, whereas the 3DS has made itself home to a lot of major Japanese releases (many of which span dozens for hours) and superior first party games.

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@funkasaurasrex: Please don't get me wrong. I was talking about the platform appropriate pickup-and-play nature of many Nintendo handheld games like Animal Crossing, not their length.

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Thanks for your help, guys. Is there an appropriate list I could look at for 3DS games?

In terms of what I'm thinking, so far I think Vita is winning my heart a bit, but the new Sonic game looks like it is going to be fantastic. I really hope I don't end up buying both, my university budget couldn't handle it.

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3DS without any regret. Sony talks big about their handheld every E3 and then goes silent for another 12 months.

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@gerbilsinspace: Maybe check out the Amazon best seller list for 3DS games? That will give you perspective on the software.

I have both. I upgraded to a 3DS XL when Monster Hunter Tri came out, and if you were to go that route I'd highly recommend it. The original always felt too small (the trade-off is pixel density (?): the two devices have the same resolution).

Vita shames 3DS on the hardware front. It's just gorgeous. The screen in particular. I watch a lot of media on it. It's definitely the 'portable console' that they promised. Lots of great games, lots more coming, and with Sony doubling-down on indies, as a platform Vita has the most unique 'voice' in the industry right now.

But a Nintendo handheld is a Nintendo handheld, and I haven't put down my 3DS for more than a few weeks since I got it last year. The device may feel like a cheap plastic piece of crap and every other little screen you have around you looks better, but my god, the games have been great.

That's your choice, I think -- do you want to play solid, diverse, console-y content from a ton of genres and a lot of exciting indie games (and have a ready-made second-screen for PS4), or do you want some of the best software Nintendo and friends have ever made?

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@jdh5153: Interesting choice. I have a nexus 7 that I can plug a console controller directly in to play games. It is a bit of a hack, but it works for simpler games. the buttons are mapped a little weird with my xbox controller though. What games would you recommend on the App Store? Is there any way to use a controller with the Ipad, without jailbraking?

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In terms of my decision, I think I will choose one of them first, play some awesome games, and them most likely grab the second a month or so later, if I can afford it.

In my head, after all this, it comes to whether I want to play Persona 4: Golden or Animal Crossing: New Leaf first. Obviously screen resolution points towards PS Vita, and I do love a good indie... I will own both. And I will love it.

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@turtlebird95 said:

The 3DS is destroying the Vita right now in terms of games and is a good bit cheaper. I would say get that.

Games I like on my vita:

  • Mortal Kombat 9
  • Wipeout 2048
  • Lumines
  • Littlebigplanet vita
  • Motorstorm RC
  • Sound shapes
  • Guacamelee
  • Retro city rampage
  • Playstation allstars
  • Mutant blobs attack
  • Jetpack joyride
  • Rayman origins

Upcoming/unplayed vita games I'm looking forward to:

  • Bit.trip runner 2
  • Hotline Miami
  • Rayman legends
  • Killzone Mercenary

Games I like on my 3ds:

  • Mario kart 7
  • Crashmo
  • Pushmo
  • Donkey kong country remake

Upcoming/unplayed 3ds games I'm looking forward to:

  • Super smash bros 3ds
  • Animal crossing new leaf

Different markets, I personally think the vita is way better in terms of games and support than the 3DS.

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If playing on the go is a concern, I'd get a 3DS. It has significantly more games that are easily played in bite-sized chunks. I own and love both, but I almost never take my Vita out with me.

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The responses I have received have made it more clear to me that, as I expected, they are too different to compare. My main worry is that if I get a 3DS all I will play is first party titles. Is there enough of those to make buying a 3DS worth it?