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Hey guys, so I just purchased a 3DS game yesterday off the eshop for a hefty 34.99. Why did I purchase it off the Eshop you ask? Well I don't really like game discs/cartridges so I tend to just get my games digitally if given the option, plus the price wasn't that much different online or in store over here in the UK anyway.

So the game I bought was Donkey Kong 3DS, I bought it because I heard so much great stuff about it and everyone one the forums were raving about it and I thought what the heck, impulse buy lets go for it! About an hour in, I started to regret, I just wasn't having fun with the game and nothing was clicking with me. I understand that a lot of people like this game and I can KINDA see why, but for what ever reason this game just didn't do it for me I just wasn't having fun. I stuck at it, got to about world 4 - 5-6 hours of play time - no joy. So now I feel deeply gutted about dropping the cash to play this game, worst of all I am a student so money is tight to begin with : (

Any of you guys wish to share your experiences? It may help me feel better!



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i like this thread for its bold statements.

I regret keeping the cat I found underneath my porch. He's lost his novelty and all he does is vomit

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@fumn: Sounds like feline AIDS

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@fumn said:

i like this thread for its bold statements.

I regret keeping the cat I found underneath my porch. He's lost his novelty and all he does is vomit

Is this a metaphor for the Wii U? /s

I regret buying The Castle Doctrine. Mid QL I was hyped at how neat the idea sounded, bought it off the developers site as it was still in 'alpha' and was releasing later that day, got it for half the price and thought 'Ooh, I'll be able to see the differences between the Alpha and the full release.' Nope, that was the full release and it's a pretty terrible game. Neat for half an hour but yeah, ultimately a novelty that wears off fast. I don't know why I expected but I figured it would work like an early access experience, 'when we push the full game you'll get an update.' No such thing has happened, I hope the guy supports it with updates but he doesn't seem like the kind to. It's a fun experiment I may go back to but boy am I glad I didn't spend the full amount on it.

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Guardians of Middle Earth.

Absolute BROKEN piece of shite that instead of fixing they decided to keep shoving DLC out.

Never ever buying another Monolith product again.

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LA Noire was not worth money for me.

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Mass Effect 3 Day 1, the DLC is a requirement which makes it even worse in my book.

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I bought Duke Nukem: Forever on the day of release for something like 50 euros. Didn't play it for more than an hour.

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I think I regret buying a fight stick, I'm a garbage fighting game player and have problems playing 1v1 games so I have no idea why I bought one in the first place.

Also, it won't even work on the Xbone so it's just sitting in my closet at this point.

I'll stick to just watching fighting games, I guess.

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Well, this ought to make you feel better. Assassin's Creed III was my most anticipated release of the fall that year. A month before launch, Fifa '13 was released and it was on sale for around $80. Having played Fifa '10 for many hours, I decided to buy Fifa '13 to occupy my time until AC III. After quite a few hours with Fifa '13 over several days, I came to the conclusion that I don't enjoy football that much anymore. Naturally, I felt bad about my purchase. Little did I know that AC III would be my worst gaming experience in recent memory. So that basically was $150 down the drain.

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Borderlands 2 was a horrible experience for a number of reasons. Every time a character opened their mouth, I wanted to die again. Wretched.

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Tekken X Street Fighter (I don't even like fighting games)

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Because everyone was telling me it was great. Oh GAF)

Atelier something-or-other: The Alchemist of something. (Because the only place I can stomach JRPGs is on handhelds)

All bought for full price digital on the Vita. All massive regrets that I can't shift in any way. more fun when, converted from pounds, that's $180 spent on stuff I couldn't be gassed playing more than a handful of times. It's times like those that I curse both my buying habits and the finality of this upcoming all digital future.

Also bought a second hand WiiU and was like Whyyy?

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The only game i've ever bought, but then returned within a couple days was Deus Ex 2.

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Street Fighter X Tekken, terrible fighting game in terms of mechanics, gameplay, graphics, netcode, balance and the DLC fiasco does not help. I even bought the $70 special edition. Just a huge disappointment and it brought down the Street Fighter and Capcom name.

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I bought COD: Ghosts when it was released for PC for full price. I have skipped all the CODs since MW and thought it might be fun to get in on day 1 with this one so I could be part of the conversation. I was wrong about it being fun and this is the first time I've discussed the game. It's shit btw.

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I didn't spend a lot of money on it, around $15 or so, I think, but I didn't like Halo 2 Vista (the late PC version) at all, was kinda surprised by that since I liked Gearbox' PC port of Halo 1, but Halo 2 is the only game I can think of where I really felt I had wasted money.

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Battlefield 4 for the xbox one. I am just not having fun with it. I usually go with the IW CODs but wanted to get into a bigger multiplayer experience and I liked the beta on the PC, but that was because the shanghai map was the only one. I have fun on that map but all other maps are just boring or not fun where i get blown up at every turn or a sniper gets me fast. Thinking I should go back to COD. Teamwork but no one talks and the gun play isn't as tight as COD so I think i should avoid that and just jump into vehicles?

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Every games recommended by Patrick!

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The most buyers remorse I can remember is the first 10 minutes playing Ninja Gaiden 3. At least the multiplayer is dumb fun.

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Dragon Age II

Valkyria Chronicles

Borderlands 2

LA Noire


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I'd like to recommend my friend's list: Games I was mislead into buying thanks to hype. (Real talk)

For myself I felt like Peter Molyneux tricked me more than a handful of times.

Little Big Planet I just really felt silly for being so excited about it about 5 minutes in.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed or any other Kart racer that isn't Mario Kart 64. I've gotta stop chasing that dream.

McPixel I think I got it in a "name your price" sale but man how did I get tricked into buying a newgrounds flash game

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I regretted buying a 3DS at launch. I barely used it for about a year, plus it got a price drop.

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I don't usually regret. I know what I'm buying. There was a time however I'd buy the new Mortal Kombat game and be disappointed about it. Every single time. I knew I'd be so that doesn't count I guess.

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One time. I bought Resident Evil 6.

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Empire: Total War was the first and last time I got seriously burned. I've been very careful ever since.

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went through 3 360s fuck that noise, never again. Bought Chrono Trigger for ps1 and ended up going back to play the smoother snes version.

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I preordered Brute Force. Yeah.

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Buying 3 or 4 seasons of 80s Transformers on DVD due to unwarranted nostalgia (saw the 80s cartoon movie on TV when I was a wee-little-boy, and thought it was the show - it was the best thing I've seen in all my life at that point). Didn't get past Season 2, and the only good thing about it was the opening music. For shame!

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Obviously Sim City was a huge fucking disaster and disappointment, but Borderlands has to me my most idiotic day one purchase. I was so psyched for that game and it was so fucking shitty it was unbelievable.

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I can't remember ever regretting buying something, closest thing I would say is Dragon Age I guess. I bought it new around launch and just haven't been able to find the interest to carry on past the first few areas.

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Iron Man 2, for the Xbox 360. I... I don't know what I was thinking. Oh god... *cuts self*

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I bought star ocean 4 on release for $60 because I liked 3 so much but I never played more than an hour of it before deciding that I never wanted to play it again. Waste of money.

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I am a huge, die hard Tropico fan. I was so pumped to when I saw Tropico 4 had a release date I bought it right away.

Then after about an hour I was like "Yo, this game isn't very good."

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I had a little buyers remorse with my 3DS as it still goes barely unused. I played Zelda a lot but before that I was playing...Zelda. Wii and WiiU are experiences I could do without. I've spent 120 hours on Battlefield 4 which may be more than I used my Wii and WiiU combined so far.

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I regretted SELLING my copy of Injustice.

Yeah that's right, TURN AROUND!

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I bought an Xbox One for Forza 5. . . . .

This was me on the 23rd of November:

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@jeffrud: I never actually listened to BL2 with sound, as the one time I did my fiancee just looked at me like I was an idiot till I just lowered the sound. After that I just played, but listened to Quick Looks while playing...

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i bought the original dead rising for 360 and hated it after only a couple of hours so took it back for a swap the next day, i swapped it for rumble roses xx which was probably even worse. What was i thinking!

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The only one I can think of recently is valkyria chronicles and I only paid $19. Completely overhyped.

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I remember buying the Warhammer MMO, and realizing about 2~ hours in that it was a very subpar game. I had intended to stick with it, but WoW was just a superior game in just about every way, and Wrath of the Lich king was going to come out in a month, so I just dropped it and started playing WoW again. What a complete waste of time.

Dragon Age 2 is another game that I felt like I wasted money on. The combat was so boring, and the repeated environments just made me feel sick by the third act. It was the only game I've played in recent memory where I forced myself to finish it.

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Tomb Raider.

Fuck that game with a vengeance.

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The PS2.

Got one at launch. I'm pretty sure I picked Tekken, Dead or Alive, and Armored Core. After coming off the Dreamcast, the PS2 kind of felt backwards. For the first year, all I played on this $300 machine was FF9, Lunar, and Ring of Red.

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I regret buying this stupid, stupid game. It's stupid.

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Total War: Rome II. The day before release I was being pressured by a friend to buy it to play co-op campaign, I caved and it was in an unplayable state with numerous factions carved out to be pay-gated down the line.

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Not really understanding the hate for Sonic All-Star Racing in this thread, I think it's perfectly acceptable, closest thing to Mario Kart since Speed Freaks. Anyway, I bought GTA3 twice and consider it the worst game imaginable. Black Ops 2 was also terrible.

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Kind of wish I got a boxed copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening. Not really "buyers remorse", but, that's a sweet box art.

oh yeah wait

@willza92 said:

Iron Man 2, for the Xbox 360. I... I don't know what I was thinking. Oh god... *cuts self*

Try Iron Man 1 for the Wii. Why did I buy this, you ask?

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@yodasdarkside said:

Not really understanding the hate for Sonic All-Star Racing in this thread, I think it's perfectly acceptable, closest thing to Mario Kart since Speed Freaks. Anyway, I bought GTA3 twice and consider it the worst game imaginable. Black Ops 2 was also terrible.

Grand Theft Auto 3? Worst game imaginable?

Get out of here with that blasphemy. You're straight trippin

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BF4 for the ps3, but not for the reasons you might expect. I bought it from gamestop on sale because i wanted the ps4 version, and i figured it would be cheaper to get the ps3 version on sale then pay the extra 10 to upgrade to the digital ps4 version. Problem is, the copy i got didn't come with a ps4 upgrade code! Didn't realize until then that not all copies include codes (sneaky move EA), only specially marked copies. So, i was stuck with a opened ps3 copy i didn't want to play on the ps3. Of course, gamestop wouldn't take it back (the gut actually said that you didn't need a codecto get the ps4 version, which is pure gamestop bullshit). So i traded it in at future shop (canadian) for store credit, without ever having played it. Moral of the story: don't trust ea wheb it comes to next gen upgrade codes - make sure it says one the box that it's in there. And number 2, don't shop at gamestop (my bad... I typically don't).

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Fuse. I've loved Insomniac since Spyro, but man.........